[IKC FHew] Operation Tourniquet

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Re: [IKC FHew] Operation Tourniquet

Postby Ro' Matlh » Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:05 am

The mission is complete. While we were unable to save the station, we inflicted enough damage on key Gorn craft that they withdrew from the conflict, allowing us to pull our resources. While we avoided a route, we could not call this a victory in any but the loosest sense. Casualties were high and the KDF have been forced to withdraw from the sector. However, it is hoped that we have deprived the Gorn of important resources and bought ourselves some time to plan a counter offensive. The destruction of a Gorn gunship may also prove to be a significant tactical advantage in future encounters.

It also adds a significant notch on the Kill Tally of a small B'rel Craft.

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