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[AVAILABLE] Operation Lattice

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:08 am
by Williams

Text version:
Following the loss of the border worlds of M’Char, B’Rel and
Q’Tahl, Starfleet has agreed to assist the Klingons in implementing
a more sophisticated system of sensor satellites to detect any
future border intrusions and give advance warning of Gorn
fleet movements.
The USS [SHIP NAME] is hereby ordered to produce and deploy
a series of such satellites, with escort and assistance provided
by the IKS Toh’Kaht. The specific design of the satellites is at the
discretion of your engineering staff, but as a minimum
requirement, the satellites should be self-sufficient, difficult for
the Gorn to detect, and capable of proiding complete coverage of
the Klingon - Gorn border regions.

As ordered by:
Rear Admiral Richard Gates, Chief of Fleet Operations, 11th Fleet

Re: [AVAILABLE] Operation Lattice

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:14 am
by Williams
The proposed progression of this mission plot is either:
  • The group of ships setting up the satellites gets repeatedly attacked and harassed by Gorn forces, with each set of satellites launched being destroyed, forcing the group to give up on the attempt
  • The group are successful in setting up a network of satellites along the Klingon border from Tengcha 6 along past Vorn (diverting around the already-captured systems along the route), but the Gorn take the Maranga system, and show signs of quickly moving up towards P'Tang, giving them a foothold in Klingon space that would allow them to skip around the network
  • The satellites are mysteriously rendered inert shortly after being set up (the implication being by a cloaked vessel, though this is to be left unanswered as to the specifics). The ship is called to assist elsewhere before they are able to correct the problem, and the detection grid is abandoned for now.
The specific outcome is up to the CO who takes on this mission. If a CO wants this mission but wants it to progress in a different way, feel free to discuss it with me.