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Story Arc Foundation

Post by Taylor_Isley » Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:12 pm

Story Arc Foundation
Task Force 37

This Document provides the foundation that TF37 will build off of as the TF Story Arc grows. If you are reading this after October of 2016 there may be additional information about the TF developed not included here.

The Graviton Catapult

After the return of the USS Voyager, a large number of research projects were started based off of the new technologies Voyager and her crew come across in the Delta Quadrant. Of those Projects was the development of the Graviton Catapult.
“A graviton catapult was a type of technology that propelled spacecraft across space. The power core of the catapult generated a massive graviton surge that locked onto a ship through an array of projectors. The surge sent the ship hurtling into null space for some hours. Upon emerging back to normal space, the vessel had jumped many hundreds or even thousands of light years. The distance was determined by the graviton field strength. -Memory Alpha”

During the Development of the Graviton Catapult Starfleet Engineers quickly realized that they were unable to recreate the power requirements needed. The Catapult Voyager came across and that Starfleet was reverse engineering, was powered by tetryon reactors, created by the Caretakers.

Undiscouraged Starfleet Engineers realized that they could use the power of a Star to power the Catapult. But due to the unique properties and power requirements only O-type stars, the rarest at 0.00003% of stars, could provide the right conditions.

Finding a suitable star near the Cygnet system and SB11 construction began in 2382. In 2385 the Catapult was fully built after some major design setbacks. For the next 3 years, the Catapult was tested again and again. Taking it’s time to ensure that calculations were correct Starfleet began to send manned test flights in 2388.

With no Major loss of life or property, the technology and catapult were starting to seem sound and reliable. In 2389 the question then raised by Starfleet was what do we do with this technology.

Creating a Beachhead

Early on Starfleet knew that they did not want to launch ships into unknown areas of space and hope they can make it home. Starfleet wanted to use the Catapult to explore safely, which meant they needed a way to communicate with ships over great distances and recall ships if needed. It was decided that a Pathfinder project could be used to communicate and that a return catapult could be built to recall ships.

With Delta Quadrant having the only other known Type-O Star that was suitable the decision was not hard. It also felt right to use the technology voyager collected to explore the Delta Quadrant.

After sending several probes over several months the area around the Type-O Star was deemed clear, safe and relatively isolated. Which was perfect for Starfleet's plan.

The First manned ships Starfleet sent were all volunteer and their task was to set up a staging area for additional ships and construction crews to build the return catapult. The forward teams built a small station that was nicknamed “Exile” to serve as a temporary command Facility.

Over the next year, Starfleet sent all the needed parts to build a new Catapult in the delta Quadrant and construction moved fast. Learning from the mistakes of the first Catapult the crew had to do little more than just assemble to pieces. Within a year the Catapult was built and functional.

Fearful of standing the crews in the Delta quadrant Starfleet made the decision to keep their actives in the area as low as possible. The last thing the fleet wanted was for the unfinished Catapult to be attacked by a local faction due to a misunderstanding.

After finishing the Catapult Starfleet began the construction of Deep Space 37 which would serve as the base for Operations in the Delta Quadrant and also the primary defense of the catapult.

Starting point

With the Completion of Deep Space 37, Starfleet had Successfully established a Beachhead within the Delta quadrant and now felt comfortable enough to begin bringing in the additional vessel to the quadrant.

Creating the Task Force 37 from Vessels within the 11th Fleet Starfleet placed Captain Taylor Wood in the Command of exploring the Delta Quadrant.

Major Players*

Although there are a large number of minor races and powers within the area there are several major players that Starfleet is aware of within this region of DS37. Information known about these powers had been gathered by the Few Starfleet scouts and probes sent into the area. As well as from the Logs acquired by the USS Voyager when she first came through the area 16 some years ago.

Devore Imperium -

An authoritarian government the Devore Imperium was first encountered by the USS Voyager. The Devore are intolerant of aliens and used the term gaharey to describe anyone who was not part of the Imperium. Any Gaharey within Imperium space is subject to a large number of regulation as well as a regular inspection by heavily-armed warships. Telepaths are deeply Distrusted by the Devore Imperium and are detained in detention centers along with those found to be harboring them.

As of 2376, the Devore Imperium consisted of eleven star systems across three sectors. The current size of the Imperium is unknown and no contact has been made with the Imperium since Voyager left their space 16 years ago. Long range scans show that the Imperium is still strong and striving.

Vaadwaur -

The Vaadwaur were once a great people who via the use of Underspace build an empire over 900 years ago. Their Empire was Destroyed however when the people they conquered revolted. In an attempt to rebuild their Empire on day Vaadwaur, knowing they could not with service the revolt, placed themselves in Stasis chambers.

900 years later the Vaadwaur were awoken by the crew of the USS Voyager. After a series of events where the Vaadwaur attempted to take control of the USS Voyager and failed Fifty-three Vaadwaur vessels fled into underspace to find a new home.

In the 16 years since the Crew of the USS Voyager last saw the Vaadwaur they have been busy setting up a trading and commerce Empire via the use of the Underspace. With their new homeworld location unknown the Vaadwaur have set up shop on trading stations and outposts throughout the area charging a pretty penny to transport people and good quickly and safely.**


A nomadic people with no known homeworld or territory of their own the Hirogen have a large presence in this area of space. Focused on the Hunt the Hirogen people live to study track down and kill prey.

Two long range Probes have been destroyed by Hirogen ships during the construction of Deep Space 37. No other contact has been made with the Hirogen at this time.

Malon -

Contact was first made by the USS Voyager 17 years ago. Technologically advanced but lacking the technology to recycle antimatter waste, the Malon people are natural scavengers. Information gathered by the USS Voyager indicate that the Malon are a capitalist people controlling a number of systems.

Contact has not been made at this time.

The Republic of the First Worlds -

Contact with the RFW has not been made although probes show that they are similar to the UFP. Making first contact with the RGW is a top Priority.

Borg -

Although not detected at the moment borg are always on the back of Starfleet mind with the possibility of becoming a larger threat at any moment. Starfleet advises all captains to be aware of the threat and to avoid contact if possible.

* Information on the major powers has been pulled from Memory Alpha and Memory Beta as well as created by PF Cannon.

**This information was gathered when a Vaadwaur ship made contact with a Federation scout.

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Re: Story Arc Foundation

Post by Taylor_Isley » Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:04 pm


Deep Space 37 will no longer be a Space Station as stated above. Deep Space 37 is now the Iota Command Facility Located on the largest moon of Iota II within the Iota Systems. The Iota system is also home to Return Catapult which orbits the O-type star at the center of the Iota System.

At the Launch of TF37, the Iota Command Facility will consist of the main complex, which will hold the primary offices and Facilities needed for a TF Command along with housing complex one and landing platforms for ships. Plans to expand the Complex have already been made and started. Expansions will be an ongoing process.

In Orbit around The Iota Command Facility are orbital defence platforms and plans to construct a dry dock are in the works.

Located around the Return Catapult you will also find Defence Platforms as well as long range sensors to detect any threats well before they arrive.

Exact Specs for all the items above will come in time.


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