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TF Story Arc

Post by Taylor_Isley » Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:09 pm

As Decided by the poll, Concept #2 - Annexation & Imperium propaganda is the TF Story Arc will be Developing as we move forward. Below is more Detailed fleshed out document base off of that Concept.

This document and the Story Arc Foundation Document hold all of the approved Story Arc information.

Within the Story Arc section, you will see a Topic titled “Story Arc Questions/Suggestions” If you have any questions or comments about what you read in these two Official Documents Please ask them in that Topic.

All text in quote boxes is part of the TF Story Arc. All Text outside of those boxes is OOC Comments.
From the moment the Federation entered the Delta Quadrant in 2389 there has been a risk of attack by those who do not wish for them to be in the area. For this reason, while the Return Catapult and the Iota Command Facility (ICF) were being constructed Starfleet was kept on a short leash not being permitted to explore much beyond the Iota System. During this time Starfleet used deep space probes and small scouting vessels. To learn more about this area of space.

Unknown to Starfleet the Devore Imperium has been aware of Starfleet's presence since late 2391. A Xenophobic people by nature the Imperium was not pleased to learn of Starfleet's presence. However, due to their own isolationism which has been bread into their people for centuries, they are currently politically unable to commit forces to removing the Federation.

Instead, the Devore Imperium has chosen to take a less direct action to attack the Federation. For the last 6 months, the Devore Imperium has been using its vast number of informants and trade connections to spread Propaganda about the UFP and StarFleet. Using mostly half truths based on the stories of the USS Voyager the Devore Imperium as spread fear and mistrust to minor powers within the region.

Vaadwaur who have made only the briefest of contacts with a scout, the USS Grimes. Informed the Captain to watch his back and that the events from 16 years ago may make some uneasy about Starfleet's presence in the area.

Making First contact with The Republic of the First Worlds is currently a top priority of Starfleet. Long range Scans shows the Republic to be a commonwealth of worlds similar to that of Starfleet. The Federations believes that this will make the Republic our Natural ally within the region.

In reality, The Republic of the First Worlds is far from the ideal civilization the Federation would consider a natural ally. The Republic has a complex caste system within their society. The exact structure of this system is unknown to outsiders and only rumors of it exist, spread by those who had fled the republic. To outsiders the Republic provides very limited access to their people and space, citing safety and of their people for their limited access. What is shown to outsiders and always the best of their society and to outsiders the Republic appears to be a utopia.

For the last 7 months, the Republic have been in negotiations with a minor power, the Jabroni, attempting to get the Nation of 4 systems to join the Republic. The Jabroni and Republic have been unable to come to an agreement. Unknown to the Jabroni the Republic have begun to mass troops and ships. If negotiations don’t show signs of improving by the end of the year (2392) the Republic is willing and capable of annexing Jabroni space by force.

In May 2392, TF37 was brought into the Quadrant and Starfleet begins to Explore the region. Making Contact and learning about the Major races in the region their top prioity.

We currently have 2RL years to 1 IC year ratio. At the current moment, we are in the first half of 2392. As of January 2017, we'll move into the second half of 2392.


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