A Fresh Start on a New World [JP between TFCO & Alabama CO]

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A Fresh Start on a New World [JP between TFCO & Alabama CO]

Post by Terris » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:02 am

The Alabama’s new Mission POD was installed with only the final tests to be completed before Iota Station’s Engineers signed off, clearing her for departure. Andreas had been spending a lot of time signing off on requisition forms for the Quartermaster’s to resupply the ship’s stores so they had everything they needed too to fulfill their next mission.

Andreas looked at the chronometer on the wall and saw it was time to meet with Fleet Captain Haught. He stood, adjusted his tunic and headed for the nearest airlock to go onto the Station. It took him 10 minutes, but he was finally standing outside the TFCO’s office.

He pushed the chime button and waited.

Evelynn sat behind her desk at the station which was covered under a pile of padds. Her yeoman who was standing across from her kept piling padd after padd onto the desk while simultaneously giving information about each one.

“Who's bright idea was it to promote me to Task Force Commander?.” Evelynn said aloud but to no one in particular.

“I'm sorry ma’am. Did you say something?” asked Yeoman Jaworski.

“Nevermind, what's the status of the Alabama.” asked Evelynn.

“The engineers are finishing up the final touched with the pod and Captain O’Shaunesy is here to see you.”

“By all means, send him in.”

Andreas entered the office and came to attention. “It's good to see you again, ma'am.”

“Andreas.” called Evelynn. “Save me from this pile of padds.” said Evelynn.

Andreas chuckled. “Well, ma'am, I can distract you from them for a while, but they'll still be waiting for you.”

“Damn.” she said. “Oh and by the way I have a new mission for the Alabama.” said Evelynn looking through the pile of padds. Unable to find the correct padd she looked at the captain in front of her and smiled sheepishly. “JAWORSKI!!” she called out.

The young human male yeoman entered the TFCOs office. “Ma’am?”

“Where is that padd with the mission briefing for the Alabama?”

Jaworski walked over to the desk and picked out the padd in question. “Here it is ma’am.” as he handed the padd to Evelynn.

Taking the padd she motioned for the captain to take a seat. “I have your new marching orders captain.”

“Excellent, I'm looking forward to taking the Alabama out for her first real mission.“ Andreas said with more anticipation than he intended to show.

“There is a planet about a few days travel from here. We don’t know anything about it or if it's inhabited. All we know is what information we have that was gathered from the Hephaistos recovered from a Hirogen Asteroid base.” said Evelynn.

“Now your job and that of the Alabama is to survey this planet and set up an F.O.B. . But I caution you Captain, even though we don’t detect any life-forms, if for any reason that you do detect life on the planet then General Order 1 should be upheld. Clear?” she said giving the captain a stern look.

“Crystal clear, ma'am. If we detect life on the planet, we leave the planet without touching it.” Andreas replied. “We will be good to go in 31 hours. Is there anything else at this point, ma’am?”

“Just be careful. The Hirogen have marked the planet off-limits and I’d hate to loose a good Captain and his crew.”

Andreas smiled. “Understood, ma'am. I have full confidence in my crew to help me with that. Thank you for the information, ma'am, I'd better bring this to the ship and brief my senior staff.”

Evelynn stood up from behind her desk. Extending her hand out she smiled. “Good luck Captain, and God speed” she said.

Andreas shook the offered hand. “Thank you, ma'am.” With the formalities out of the way, he headed back to the Alabama.

“JAWORSKI!! Get me a cup of the strongest coffee you can replicate. I'm going to need it if I'm going to get through these reports.”said Evelynn as she picked up a padded and began reading it. “And another thing, dot pile my desk up with pads while I'm out on a mission. Makes me look like I'm not doing anything.”

Jaworski entered the office and handed over the steaming hot and very strong cup of coffee to the Fleet Captain. “Here you go ma'am and don't worry I will make a note about keeping your desk clear while you are away.” said the Yeoman as he tapped a few commands on the paddle he always kept with him.

“Anything else?” he asked

With a wave of her hand she quietly dismissed her yeoman back to his desk and then picked up another padd and began reading.


A JP Submitted by:

Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught
Task Force 37


Captain Andreas O'Shaunessy
Commanding Officer
USS Alabama
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