James and John

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James and John

Post by Thompson » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:43 pm

USS Hephaistos
Captains Ready Room
Shortly after Engagement with Hirogen Ships


With the paint work being rebuffed, the damage console repairs underway and the boarding party sent off safely James took a moment to sit down and breath in his office. Opening his console he saw a priority alert from Iota that had been put on hold by his Yeoman who resided in a nearby office. Making a mental note to buy the kid dinner later for the lonely and thankless job she did James opened a channel to his new superior and old friend at Iota.

A short moment later the screen popped to life and the deceptively older El-Aurian appeared before him. "Ah John. Looking as irritatingly young as always," Warrington jibed.

"Well you know what they say. Good genes go a long way James," came the reply accompanied by a much too pleased smirk. "I hear from your Yeoman that you had a spot of bother there?" John asked getting right to the more serious matters.

"Good genes is an understatement," James thought to himself. "Aye we picked up a medical emergency and got attacked by three small Hirogen hunting vessels. Only one casualty on our end due to a faulty console rupturing and the Hirogen sent home venting just about everything between them."

"Surprised the Hephaistos sensors didn't pick them up. But that merely reinforces your mission in the region," John commented making notes on his own console. "Any idea how they managed it?"

James simply nodded as he took a swig of tea. "They hid inside a crater on the back side of a moon. Big one mind. Because the rotation of the moon was so slow combined with the mineral composite we didn't know about the fourth one until we were right over the crater when we chased them back there."

John sat a bit more upright clearly intrigued. "A fourth? Status?"

"We are boarding it as we speak. She was powered down completely and lightly crewed so I sent a 6 Man assault team with engineers who are going to secure the ship and get it up here so we can get it back to your engineers once my spook has a chance to grab the intel we may need. Should make a nice gift from your to Command," he joked knowing how TFCO's always liked ways to make their own superiors happy. Especially when just in a new job.

"They'll probably be dancing from it. I'm sending another old friend out to you. I believe you'll know him and should be rendezvousing with you in 8 hours. Have him work with your spook to check out any locations recovered from the ship," John informed James. He was eager to get his hands on this Hirogen ships databases knowing the knowledge there would help the Hephaistos mission to secure the region and hold back the Hirogen. "Any news on the sensor emplacements?"

"Not yet. I'm headed down there to lend a hand but our Chief is with the away team currently. Going to go see our Science team though to see what they have. If there is nothing else Sir?" James finished.

"Not at all. Have a good day Captain Warrington and try not to grow too old," John added closing the channel to the Hephaistos before James could reply.

Captain James Warrington
USS Hephaistos

Captain John Thompson

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