Thomson, Kilbane and the Galileo

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Thomson, Kilbane and the Galileo

Post by Kevin, Lord Kilbane » Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:33 am

Kevin was finishing up his departmental reports for the Captain when a message came through to his office that the Task Force Thirty Seven CO wanted to speak to him.

Slightly bemused at why the TFCO would need to speak to him, Kevin replied "Patch it through on a coded channel to my console please."

"Aye Sir, patching it through on coded channel now" the Communications officer replied.

When the link came through, Kevin opened it and said "This is Lieutenant Commander Kilbane Sir, how can I help you?"

"Captain Thompson Task Force 37 Commander," John stated by way of introduction. "A pleasure to meet the person I have been reading and hearing so much about recently."

Kevin wasn't sure if this was good or bad "It's a pleasure to meet you as well Sir, and I hope that what you've heard has been all good?"

John bobbed his head back and forth for a brief moment, smiling before replying, "Good and somewhat interesting. Look I'll get to the point shall I? I believe your looking to take the next step on the ladder."

"I eh, well, yes...I...had been giving it some thought Sir, and put in a 'notification of interest' as is warranted by Starfleet Headquarters, but I didn't think anything would come of it so quickly," Kevin replied.

"A fair enough assumption and generally speaking you would be correct. Before I get too far I want to ask you a couple things if you don't mind," John half asked. "Why did you choose to serve on a Starship?

"Exploration has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember Sir, and how better to do this than on a Starship " Kevin replied.

"A worthy passion for the fleet that's for sure. Sometimes even here in the Delta Quadrant I feel that we don't get to do enough of that. My early days were marked with too much war for my liking and so what little we do while we are establishing ourselves here is a refreshing change," Thompson said sharing a bit of what he had been through.

"Exactly Sir, what other questions can I answer for you?" Kevin asked.

Eyeing the man for a moment the Captain continued, "Alright. If I had a ship needing a Captain right now, why would I consider you? I have a list of XO's looking for command out here only rivaled by the list of CO's looking to transfer ships to this Task Force. Why you Commander?"

"I'm handsome, can string a coherent sentence together and have access to an extraordinary amount of real whiskey of which you could have a share," Kevin smiled. "....but seriously though Sir, I believe my record and background speaks for itself. I come from a diplomatic background so it's in my blood and I know how to act and react in such circumstances and I know my way around customs and such. I come from a Security and Tactical background so I'm well versed in how to defend a ship, or, ensure we can attack safely. I know how to lead crew by example, and my disciplinary record speaks for itself. I also have time spent in Intelligence, which for Security reasons I can't discuss on this channel, which gives me a unique perspective of how to view any missions we're given. I believe I'm ready for the next step" he finished.

Nodding as the Commander spoke John made several mental notes and was pleased with the answer. "Going to be honest you had me at the whiskey. We need Captains with the experience to make first contacts. There are going to be a lot of first contact situations and back home hasn't provided many opportunities for that. How much do you know about the Insignia class?"

"Not much apart from they're BIG suckers Sir" Kevin laughed.

Chuckling, "Yea you could say that. The Galileo needs a new CO after a slight incident with her old one.435 crew and 80 marines along with a few family members. Ship is still pretty new to boot. Interested?"

Kevin pretended to put his chin in the palm of his hand as he said "Let me think....", then instantly added "Yes Sir, I'm very interested indeed!"

"Somehow I'm not surprised. I'll send the Galileo to pick you up once she is resupplied this afternoon. Any questions?"

"Can you get her here any sooner Sir?" Kevin smiled.

"I'll see what I can do," John replied with a sly smile. "Few things then before I let you go. You'll need a new Chief Security Officer and watch out for Anton. Oh and lest I forget the most important part in recognition of your promotion to Commanding Officer of the USS Galileo you are hereby promoted to the rank of Commander. Congratulations."

Somewhat stunned at the last announcement, Kevin was lost for words for a few seconds. Finally, when he'd found his voice again he said "Tha...thank you Sir, that's em, that's extremely kind of you to inform me, and I'm delighted. I'll endeavour to make sure that the trust placed in me won't go amiss."

"Good luck Commander. I'll let you do the rounds. Thompson out," the Captain said closing the channel.

Kevin sat back in his chair, and he did so, a message 'pinged' on his console. Reaching forward he opened it up and saw that it was his official notification from Task Force Thirty Seven Commanding Officer, Captain Thomson, of his promotion to Commander and his transfer orders from the USS Lantau to become Commanding Officer of the USS Galieo. Realising he'd been holding his breath, Kevin let out a huge sigh then said to himself "I must speak to Captain Haught immediately!"

He downloaded all the information of his promotion and transfer onto a PADD then made his way to see the Lantau's CO.

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