USS Alabama CO Arrives

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USS Alabama CO Arrives

Post by Terris » Fri May 25, 2018 9:28 pm

This post was made between the Alabama CO and the TFCO around April 15th. Enjoy!!

Andreas was still trying to wrap his head around being en route to his new command. He knew he was ready for it, but was a bit nervous about what the Delta Quadrant would have in store for him, his ship and the crew he had yet to see and meet.

He was so lost in this thoughts that he had missed the announcement that they were pulling up to Iota Station and was shocked out of it when the docking clamps were secured and his transport companions got up to disembark.

He stepped off the transport and looked around, taking in what he could see from the docking ring.

A dapper young Andorian female noticed a similarly young man in a Starfleet Uniform looking around. Taking a peek at the padd in her hand she noticed that it was the person that she was waiting for.

Walking over she tapped the man on the shoulder. “Commander O’Shaughnessy?”

Barely able to hide his surprise at the tap on his shoulder, Andreas turned to face the person who’d tapped him. “Yes, ma’am. That would be me.” He replied with a warm smile.

“My name is Commander Sharee Cha’Ren, First Officer of Iota Station. Captain Haught who is the Task Force Commander is expecting you. If you would follow me.”

“Sounds good to me, thank you Commander.” Andreas replied as he fell into step with the station’s XO.

Heading over to the nearest airlock Commander Cha’Ren input a few commands into the companel. Stepping through the airlock her foot landed on a metal walkway that lead to another airlock.

As they approached the other airlock the motion sensors opened the doors automatically. Turning a few corners they reached a turbolift. “Main Bridge”

Andreas’ anticipation level increased the closer they got to the main bridge of his new command. The turbolift doors opened on the bridge and they stepped out. Letting out a low whistle, Andreas liked what he saw and inhaling deeply noting the new ship smell that the Alabama still had.

Looking around, he saw who he believed to be Captain Haught waiting. “Lieutenant Commander Andreas O’Shaunessy, reporting as ordered, ma’am.” He said as came to attention.

“Commander O’Shaunessy. I’m Captain Evelynn Haught. Welcome aboard the Alabama and to the Delta Quadrant.” said Captain Haught as she held out her hand.

Andreas accepted the offered hand. “Thank you ma’am. She seems like a sound ship.”

“Feel free to take a look around and when you are ready we can begin your inspection tour.” Evelynn stood in a neutral spot that was out of the way and wouldn't interfere with any of the workers getting the ship ready or with Commander O’Shaughnessy’s tour.

Andreas started with the tactical station, running his hand along the rail. Looking over the rest of the stations, he stopped at the command chair. He tapped a couple of keys before taking a look at the bridge as a whole. He familiarized himself with the locations of the conference room and his ready room. Nodding in satisfaction, he turned back towards the senior officer. “Thank you, ma’am. I’m ready to see the rest of the ship now.”

“Our first stop on the tour is Sickbay.” said Evelynn as she held out her hand towards the turbolift in an ‘after you gesture’.

Andreas nodded as he headed up to the turbolift’s doors. “Sickbay, please.” He said as the doors closed behind them. “Hopefully this will be one of only a few times I will be in there. I’m ok with doctors and nurses, just not sickbays.”

As they road the lift towards sickbay Evelynn figured it was a good time to ask a couple questions. “Is this your first time serving on a Nebula Class vessel?”

“No, ma’am. The USS Massachusetts, my first assignment out of the academy, was a Nebula Class ship. I was primarily in the security department while there, so I know the ship from that perspective. There’s nowhere anyone can hide from me on this class of ship, but I have a bit to learn about all other aspects of the ship. I have gone over her spec’s and feel comfortable with them, but will need to work closely with my senior staff to learn more about her as we go.”

“That’s good to hear. It is always helpful when a new Commanding Officer knows their ship inside and out.” said Captain Haught. Just then the doors opened to Deck 12 where sickbay was located. Walking down the corridor Captain Haught saw the entrance to sickbay nearing. “Starfleet Medical has made a few improvements to starship sickbay designs over the past year or two…” rounding the last corner the two entered sickbay. “and welcome to sickbay.”

Andreas looked around, taking in the sterile surroundings. “Most of the ship has a new ship smell, but the extra air scrubbers in here seem to have sucked that right out. I’m sure my CMO will like that. I think I’d like to see Engineering next, if that’s ok?”

Evelynn smiled. “Sure thing.” She could tell that the new CO felt somewhat uncomfortable in the sicbay so a change of scenery was a good thing.

Back in the turbolift Captain haught gat the computer their next destination. “Main Engineering.”

Andreas had done his best to hide his discomfort about being in the sickbay, but could tell by the Captain’s smile that he had to work on his poker face. “Thank you, ma’am. I have to say, the Nebula Class ship has a lot more kick and bite now than it did when I transferred off of the Massachusetts 12 years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing what the 2392 model can do.” The doors opened and the two made the last few turns to get into Engineering. Andreas let out an appreciative whistle as he took everything in. “Very nice!! This is an area I may spend some time in when I’m not on the bridge.”

“My daughter is an engineer and I'm sure she would have me banned from stepping into the engine room all because she thinks I'm checking up on her. It's still a little funny having my daughter on the same ship as me but I'm getting used to it.”

“Definitely understandable.” Andreas said. He looked over a few consoles before coming back to the Captain’s side. “How long have you and your daughter served together?”

“Since I took over command from an old friend of mine.” said Evelynn as she began to think how long it had actually been. “I guess it's been almost nine months.”

“Ah, ok. Still reasonably fresh, than. I’m glad it seems to be working out.” Andreas said. “I know we’ve only seen a small portion of the ship, but they’ve been the main areas. Is there anything else you want to go through with me?”

Evelynn raddled off the places she had intended to show the new Commander when she realized there was one final place she wanted to show him.

“There is one more place that is specifically suited for you.” Leading the way back to the turbolift Evelynn gave the final destination. “Deck 8. Captain's Quarters.”

Andreas looked at the ceiling shaking his head. “Knowing where I’ll be sleeping might be a good thing, eh?”

“Besides the ready room the Captain's quarters are a home away from home.” The turbolift came to a stop on deck eight. “You go on ahead. I need to retrieve something from my side and I'll meet you in your quarters. They are just down the corridor, tenth door on your left.”

“Thank you, Captain.” Andreas replied. Heading down to the hall counting the doors as he went until he came to the tenth door on the left as he was told. He pressed the button to open the door and stepped inside. It was a lot bigger than he was expecting, but was not complaining as he knew he’d have the space to make and install the shelving units he’d need for his collections.

Evelynn went back up to the bridge of the Alabama where her aide was working helping with getting the ship ready. “Allyson, where is the you know what for Commander O’Shaughnessy?”

“Right here ma’am.” said Allyson James Evelynn’s aide. She handed the Captain a square box.

Evelynn took the box and went back to where she left Commander O’Shaughnessy.

Hearing the door chime, he pressed the nearest button to open his door. “Come on in, ma’am.”

“What do you think of the ship. Pretty impressive don't you think? Now that you've have a chance to look around some.” said Evelynn as she walked over to a nearby chair and sat down.

“She’s a sound ship that I look forward to serving on.” Andreas said, taking one of the other chairs. “Hopefully our first mission won’t beat her up too much.”

“She still hasn't had her shakedown cruise yet so once your crew arrives consider that your first official mission.” said the Captain. “And one more thing. This is for you.”

She handed him an old book. The title on the front read “The Art of War.”

Andreas opened the cover and looked through the first few pages. “Thank you ma’am. This will fit in nicely with the books in my collection. I look forward to reading it.”

“Well. I better head off. My first officer is probably chomping at the bit waiting on me to return.” said Evelynn as she got up. She walked over to the door and then stopped before it could open and turned around to Andreas. “There is a little something I left for you on the back of the cover.”

Andreas looked at her inquisitively before turning to the back cover of the book.

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a piece to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.” -Deepak Chopra

Welcome to the fleet. May the stars guide you and may you keep your sights and thought to the future. Captain Haught.

It took Andreas a minute to put his thoughts together. “Thank you ma’am. This really means a lot to me.” He said as he got up. “I’ll see you to the air lock.”

Evelynn smiled. She knew that a little friendliness would be a great start to a wonderful friendship.


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