Official Welcome of Sims in TF56

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Official Welcome of Sims in TF56

Post by Chris » Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:25 pm

I just wanted to piggy-back off the March fleet report and welcome the Icarus-A and Vanguard, under the command of Commander Alyssa Renee and Commander Jhamal P’Trell respectively. Woohoo!

I want to thank and well-wish the Dreadnought and Powell who have moved on to other TFs. With that, here is a look at our TF today:

Starbase 831, USS Icarus-A, USS Sinnan, USS Valhalla, USS Vanguard, USS Victory

The COs in our TF are already working on our Area of Operations (AoO) and the various entities with which we interact, namely the Romulans, Breen, and Cardassians (the latter of which we share with TF11 from a canon standpoint).

So keep up the good story writing, and we'll see you all out there in space!
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