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Task Force 56, November Update

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2020 10:19 pm
by howtypicallyhuman

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday, My Friends!

November 2020 was an excellent month for Task Force 56.

First, we want to welcome Captain Reginald Jacobs to the task force as Commandant of Pegasus Fleet’s Cestus III Academy! Cestus III Academy was announced as Task Force 56’s newest PRG on 2020-11-05 and provides players with a unique gaming experience where they can take on the role of an eager, upstart cadet or a knowledgeable instructor passionate about mentoring the next generation of Starfleet officers.

That said, Cestus III Academy’s dynamic premise invites players wishing to hone their character development and collaborative writing skills in a structured environment until they feel ready to graduate their character to the more extensive fleet. As many of you know, Captain Jacobs also serves as the Pegasus Fleet Academy Commandant, Rear Admiral Joseph Calloway, so we’re very excited to see how the OOC and IC academy environments will merry with one another.

If you haven’t done so already, please join me in welcoming Captain Jacobs and Cestus III Academy to Task Force 56!

Task Force 56 started November with five (5) operational role-playing games and ended the month with six (6). That’s right! No sooner was Cestus III Academy announced than it recruited the requisite number of players to go Operational. CONGRATULATIONS, CESTUS III ACADEMY!

As of November, Task Force 56 had 42 players writing for 48 characters across six (6) role-playing games.

These 42 players produced 132 total mission posts, averaging 2.75 posts per player.

This activity is significant considering the start of the holiday season – Way to go, Task Force 56!

Taking this level of activity into consideration, we’d like to congratulate the players of the USS Cardinal for earning Task Force 56’s Sim of the Month Award for November after producing 7.67 posts per player! Fantastic job, Cardi – you have one proud Game Manager! ;)

We’re also very excited to congratulate the players of the USS Vesta on receiving the award for Task Force 56’s Post of the Month! If you haven’t done so already, read the post entitled Obeliskated in Mission 04: Tempest. This piece was written by Captain Aviram Drell, Commander Temperance Zachary, Lieutenant Cor Cordale, and Lieutenant JG Zerin Rolfe and is more than deserving of this recognition and accolade. Beautiful writing, players of the Vesta, absolutely beautiful!

That pretty much sums up all things Task Force 56-related in November. If anyone has any questions in follow-up, you’re welcome to DM me here on Discord or email tf56(at)pegasusfleet(dot)net!

With that, I’d like to wish all of our fleet members happy holidays and a happy new year!

Warmest Regards,