Task Force 56, December Update

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Task Force 56, December Update

Post by howtypicallyhuman » Tue Jan 12, 2021 7:26 pm


Like the fleet as a whole, Task Force 56 enjoyed a relatively low-key December, with most of its players primarily focused on reconnecting with family and friends to enjoy the holiday season. That said, I am pleased with our numbers, overall.

Task Force 56 thrives with six (6) operational role-play games. We have a total of 43 players writing for 46 characters and continue to grow this player count with each month.

I am beyond proud to announce the USS Comfort as Pegasus Fleet's recipient of the Silver Award. The Comfort and her crew averaged 2.5 posts per player in December, which is a fantastic show of activity during the holiday lull. The Comfort consistently stands out as a premier RPG, and we are extraordinarily happy to have them as a part of the task force.

I am also pleased with the progress the USS Ranger has made in November and December. The Ranger's players have done an excellent job of keeping their RPG fun, exciting, and entertaining.

Congratulations, Commander Venik and Captain Zelea Arlidd!

Aside from individual sim updates, I plan to partner with our Commanding Officers and the players of Task Force 56 to start discussing a Task Force-specific story arc. We are also looking forward to hearing from the Resources Department about their thoughts on the revised Wiki narrative submitted on the part of the task force near the end of November 2020.

Those interested in being on the TF56 Story Arc Committee, please private message @howtypicallyhuman#2917 on Discord, and we'll get you sorted!

That pretty much sums up all things Task Force 56-related in December. If anyone has any questions in follow-up, you are welcome to DM me on Discord or reach out by email at tf56(at)pegasusfleet(dot)net!

Warmest Regards,


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