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Task Force 56, February Update

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2021 8:17 pm
by howtypicallyhuman

Greetings and Happy Sunday to each of you!

I want to start by thanking the Game Managers of Task Force 56 for turning in their reports on time this month. However, a relatively small ask, the on-time submission of these reports ensures that I have plenty of time to work on my own. So, once again, thank you to our Game Managers for achieving this goal in March!

Next, I want to congratulate Commander Gary Jaramillo on achieving the monumental task of recruiting eight (8) players (including themselves) and launching the inaugural mission of the USS Vigilant within six (6) days of the role-playing game going live on Monday, February 22nd. Way to go on your quick turnaround to Operational status, Commander Jaramillo!


Task Force 56 had 67 Player Characters in February 2021, averaging nearly 10 Player Characters among seven (7) Operational role-playing games. Last month, the Task Force produced about 63 Mission Posts, averaging 0.94 Mission Posts Per Player Character.

Although our Average Mission Posts per Player Character is a tad low, we can attribute this to having several games in transition. As a Task Force, we set a goal of improving these stats to achieve an average of at least one (1) Mission Post per Player Character, which we’re well on our way to achieving!

Our focus will always be on producing quality over quantity; however, there are many fantastic ways our Players can participate in a role-playing games’ primary mission or by exploring character development scenarios that tick this activity level up a notch. This month, my challenge to every Game Manager and Player, not only in Task Force 56 but Pegasus Fleet as a whole, is to partner with one another to explore these mission-centric or character-driven writing opportunities!

That said, I’m incredibly proud of the efforts of Captain Zelea Arlidd and the Players of the USS Ranger, who closed out February with 22 Mission Posts! The Ranger led the Task Force with an average of 2.2 Posts per Player, increasing their posting frequency versus January nearly eleven (11) fold. This is quite a change in activity pace and something to be proud of - Congratulations to Captain Arlidd and the Players of the USS Ranger; you are Task Force 56’s Sim of the Month!


In-Character, the USS Dreadnought was tasked with investigating the cause of unusual gravitational shifts emanating from the Gamma Tauri system. When they arrived, the crew discovered the gravitational changes were caused by a planet slowly being torn apart by a black hole. The situation devolved further when scans showed that a pre-warp Humanoid species inhabited the planet being destroyed. Ethical and moral dilemmas blurred the line of duty as the crew struggled with the idea that, despite having the capacity and ability to save this species, they were forced to watch them die because of Starfleet’s Prime Directive.

"Broken" is the name of the mission, and if you haven’t yet read the mission post "To Catch A Rocket" by Lieutenant Karl Scheer and Commander Ayla Bawden, I would encourage you to do so, as this Mission Post is the recipient of the Task Force 56 Post of the Month award. You can read the post here: CLICK HERE. Way to go, Lieutenant Karl Scheer and Commander Ayla Bawden; we’re proud of you and your fellow Dreadnought Players for crafting a genuinely unique mission.


Finally, I’d like to welcome both Commander Gary Jaramillo and Commander Lorenzo Barber to the Task Force as Game Managers of the USS Vigilant and USS Comfort, respectively. As a whole, Task Force 56’s numbers continue to grow each day as the Task Force becomes stronger because of everything our Game Managers and Players do to make our games a genuinely fun place to write!

In closing, I want to send everyone best wishes for a safe, healthy, and genuinely marvelous March!

Warmest Regards,

Commander Canaan Serine
Expedition Leader - USS Cardinal, NCC-85044
Commanding Officer - Task Force 56, Starfleet's 11th Fleet, Pegasus Fleet