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Task Force 56, March 2021 Update

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 6:02 pm
by howtypicallyhuman

Hello and welcome to April, my friends! For many of us, this month is off to an incredible start and things are moving along at a relatively steady pace. Life moves so quickly these days - If you do not stop and smell the flowers, you will likely miss the chance to see something beautiful!

I want to start the update for Task Force 56 by recognizing one of our Commanding Officers/Game Managers. On Wednesday, March 10th, we celebrated Commander James Faulkner in their promotion to the rank of Captain. In their role as Game Manager, Captain Faulkner has been a diligent communicator, steadfast leader, and active contributor to the success of their role-playing game, which saw the USS Omaha celebrate its one (1) year anniversary last month.

We all know how much change can happen in one year of role-playing, so it fills me with tremendous pride to see the USS Omaha thrive in the Pegasus Fleet. Captain Faulkner, we are so grateful to have you as a part of Task Force 56 and look forward to many more years of gripping storytelling!

Congratulations on your promotion to Captain!


If you recall, during our Fleet Meeting last month, we challenged the Players of the Task Force to increase their activity level, setting a goal of having each Player Character average at least one (1) Mission Post Per Player Character. In fact, we in the Task Force extended this challenge to every Pegasus Fleet Player.

I am thrilled to share with you that our Players in Task Force 56 not only rose to the occasion, meeting this challenge head-on, but they absolutely CRUSHED this goal!

Task Force 56 retained its 67 Player Characters from February 2021, averaging 9.86 Players among seven (7) Operational role-playing games. These Players contributed nearly 133 Mission Posts, averaging 2.29 Mission Posts Per Player Character!


I want to congratulate each Player on helping the Task Force to achieve this goal. Thank you so much for recognizing the value of the activity, and how consistent, and regular posting advances the Current Mission, allows us to explore unique (sub)plots, and invests in character development opportunities, each of which breathes life into the roleplaying game. All of this works together to show current and potential Players that our games are healthy and thriving in the larger online community of collaborative storytelling.

Commanding Officers/Game Managers, I am proud to present to you and your Players the Task Force 56 March 2021 Mission Post Challenge award and ribbon:



A very special thanks to Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers and Captain Jason Faulkner for creating these images for this event.

With that said, Task Force 56 is beyond proud to recognize three of its role-playing games, which swept the fleet level Sim of the Month Awards.

Please join me in congratulating the USS Cardinal, USS Vigilant, and the USS Dreadnought for achieving the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sim of the Month awards, respectively, in March 2021!


Next, I want to recognize Captain Jason Faulkner and the Players of the USS Omaha for taking home the Task Force 56 Sim of the Month Award!


After detecting immense gravitational wavefront distortions near the 329 Aurigae Star System, the Federation Science Council dispatched the USS Cardinal to investigate this new spatial phenomenon. The Cardinal, upon its arrival to the star system, was pulled into the event horizon of the phenomenon and transported to a realm of space known as the Tanzathyst Expanse. It is here that the crew meet Laurisviola, Watcher of the Exotic and protectorate of the Amenite colony. New Life, New Civilizations, is a five (5) part series that follows the crew of the Cardinal making first contact with Laurisviola and the Amenite species.

Congratulations to the Players of the USS Cardinal, your Mission Post New Life, New Civilizations, Part 4 was voted the Task Force 56 Post of the Month!


We would love for you to read this Mission Post and its series by clicking the following link: Click Here!

To say that we are proud of all that the Players of Task Force 56 accomplished in March would be an understatement. Each day, the Task Force continues to grow and strengthen, which is a testament to everything our Commanding Officers/Game Managers and Players do to make our games a genuinely fun place to write!

In closing, thank you so much for all that you do every day to ensure your role-playing games thrive.

From everyone in Task Force 56, we send you best wishes for a safe, healthy, and amazing April!

Warmest Regards,

Commander Canaan Serine
Expedition Leader - USS Cardinal, NCC-85044
Commanding Officer - Task Force 56, Starfleet’s 11th Fleet, Pegasus Fleet