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Task Force Status

Post by Chris » Thu Apr 04, 2019 12:39 pm

Stardate: 68637.86, Year 2393
Location: Deep Space 5, TF56 Headquarters

The Northern Expanse. Not terribly out of reach of Vulcan or Earth, and yet right in the thick of Romulan and Breen space. And not so far from Cardassian space either. It was a broad area of operations, but they had a decent ship count, and an array of friendly task force friends on call should they need it. Several starbases and a shipyard were nearby as well.

Captain Ovik had been the CO of 56 before, and had returned after a hiatus. He wasn't sure how long he'd be in the position the first time around, also running the USS August at the time. But this time, he was positioned at Deep Space 5. He would not be gallivanting around as much now. He could focus. Focus on the other ships, on the captains and crew, on the relations - both sweet and sour.

"Sir," came a voice that entered the door to his office. "I have some of the reports you requested."

Ovik nodded without turning around. He was gazing out his main window which had a view of a good chunk of the station as well as docking ports and the main operations area just across the way. "Thank you, Moore."

The Vulcan finally turned towards his yeoman, a younger human male just wanting to serve administratively. And he was excellent at it. "Other than Mr. Greener out playing with his new toy near the Romulan border, what do we have."

Moore grinned and then began to read things off. "The new Icarus is crewing up and she'll be ready to go soon - headed to Romulan territory as well. The Vanguard is almost prepped for operations, headed to the Black Cluster to investigate the missing USS Sirus."

He scrolled a bit down on his datapad. "Ok, the Victory seems to have recovered from their foray into battle and is now assisting a civilian convoy."

Ovik nodded. He knew most of this, but it was good to hear that things were proceeding. "And the Valhalla?"

Moore's face became more somber. "Um, still missing." He paused but chimed in before Ovik could comment. "But the USS Rowling has a finger on her, and is in pursuit."

The Vulcan TFCO gave a nod and accepted the padd as Moore handed it to him. Given their thinned resources at the time... "Have the Rowling continue the chase. I need to know what's going on there. And I'm sure the Rowling's superiors do as well."

Moore simply nodded and jotted down notes.

"There seems to be an air of uncertainty" Ovik dictated. "Cardassians, Romulans, Romulan Resistance rumors again... the only thing that seems stable right now is our relationship with the Breen." Or lack thereof. "We need to focus. We need to help bring calm to the area if we can. Our ships are strategically placed, just need to give some focus and prioritization."

Ovik turned and looked out his window again. "Thank you for the update. I'll have more news and orders for our ships in the coming days and weeks."

Moore left his boss in peace, and Ovik continued to gaze and think and churn on the goings-on. Tumultuous, or at best unsettling, times ahead, he could sense.
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