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Post by Chris » Sun May 05, 2019 2:25 pm

Stardate: 68715.8, Year 2393
Location: Deep Space 5, TF56 Headquarters

The chirps and chimes of main operations were pinging as normal as the captain entered. He had been called up from his quarters in the middle of his night. But alas, that was his duty. And it wasn't like the Vulcan needed all that much sleep normally.

The main screens were showing a number of readouts from station status, operational reports from the entirety of Starfleet, and their own Fleet and Task Force ships and personnel. One thing that would come to be obvious is that there were more red marks than normal.

"You called, Commander?" asked the Task Force CO. He stepped up next to the head of operations.

"Yes. We knew the Valhalla has been missing, and the Rowling is still searching. But other ships are going off our sensors."

Ovik gave a perplexed look. "And you're just telling me now?"

"It just started happening moments ago, Captain," replied the offended commander.

Ovik nodded as they looked at each other. "Fair enough. Give me the run-down?"

The commander read off the screen. "The USS Victory and the USS Vanguard have gone off sensors. We cannot find them and their transponders are not communicating properly over subspace."

Ovik wanted to ask a clarifying question but the commander continued.

"The USS Icarus has also gone off the screen, just while you were heading up here." He paused. "It's as if they're disappearing... or our sensors are being jammed?"

The Vulcan sighed. His yeoman, Moore, had arrived and handed him a datapadd. "Sir."

Ovik didn't want to look at it, although it was good news... kind of. "At least we can see the Sinnan, thanks to her advanced sensor equipment."

The commander furled his brow. "Indeed, sir."

"Run a full diagnostic and get our department chiefs on shift." Ovik went over to another console.

"We've done the diagnostics, but I will run them again." The commander knew better than to rely on just one run of a diagnostic with Ovik around.

"Ok, don't take us to yellow alert quite yet." Ovik paused and squinted his eyes in deep thought briefly. "I will contact Pegasus Fleet admiralty. In the mean time," he said looking over at Moore, "track down that distress signal the Sinnan is going after. That may give us some clues."

Moore went to another console to begin his work, while the rest of Deep Space 5's operations deck slowly became alive with more senior officers. It would be bustling for the next few days while they tried to figure out why their ships were not reporting in properly. Only time would tell what the root cause was...
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