USS Galileo - It's you who can make the difference!

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USS Galileo - It's you who can make the difference!

Postby Kevin, Lord Kilbane » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:00 pm

The USS Galileo has been ordered set it's sites and course far and wide in it's exploration of the Delta Quadrant.

She's an Insignia Class Starship, part of Pegasus Fleet's Task Force 37. The Galileo and her crew are tasked first and foremost with exploration of the Delta Quadrant, but like all missions, anything can happen!

Much like the Galileo in Earth’s history books, the crew are explorers, engineers, scientist and more, and are considered some of the best and brightest officers and crew the Federation has to offer.

One of the most powerful ship designs in the Federation, the Insignia class Galileo is more than capable of defending the Federation and her people when called upon to do so, but her first duties are expansion of knowledge, exploration, and to still be a part of the first principle of Starfleet "To seek out new life and new civilisations."

Join the crew as they venture, and adventure, through the Delta Quadrant.

Current open Department Head positions are Chief of Security, Chief Engineer, Chief Science Officer, Chief of Operations and Chief Counsellor
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