USS Lantau seeks New Members

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USS Lantau seeks New Members

Post by Terris » Thu May 03, 2018 1:06 am

Vivere aut non vivere ...

Strange intermittent unbreakable codes have been detected from the 'Dead Zone' in the Delta Quadrant by Federation base Iota Station. Sending out regular probes to find out what's the cause, nothing has come back from them as far as data or sensor readings are concerned. Finally, Iota Station sends in one of their scout ships, and the last communique that comes back is scrambled and only one word can be made out....."Borg"

The USS Lantau has been ordered to head into the 'Dead Zone' to ascertain what has happened to the scout ship and find out what's causing the codes being sent and why, as well as investigate the disappearance of the scout ship. Is it a really the Borg or are the sensor and communications malfunctioning. The USS Lantau is seeking new blood to help figure out this mystery.

Positions available:
Chief of Operations Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief of Sciences

If you are interested and want to apply for a position head on over to

If you have questions feel free to contact me through Discord @TerBear or email me at with a subject heading "USS Lantau Applicant"

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