"It's a Whole New World" - USS Hephaistos

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Chief of Fleet Operations
Chief of Fleet Operations
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"It's a Whole New World" - USS Hephaistos

Post by Thompson » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:28 am

"It's a Whole New World"

At Iota Command work and planning is underway with the aim to make Task Force 37 self sufficient in the event of a worst case scenario event - the catapults destruction. In preparation for this the USS Hephaistos has been tasked with surveying and if necessary establishing an F.O.B. on a planet two days away from the recently captured Hirogen Asteroid Base. Data recovered from the base indicates that the planet is exceptionally rich in a wealth of materials needed for starship construction and has an ideal climate for mass production of crops. The kicker? The planet is covered almost entirely in tall dense forest and large lakes. Oh and did we mention? The Hirogen marked it as off - limits.

The cutting age of technology the USS Hephaistos is more than equipped for the mission set out before her by Starfleet and Iota. But are you? The Mighty H is looking for brave crew to take on this important and difficult mission, plus a flew plucky civilians eagre to see the galaxy and set up shop on our promenade! Relax in the Providence Club or maybe even fly the biggest ship in the fleet. The choice is yours.

We are currently looking for the following positions to help with this mission as well as many otheres:
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Marine CO
Various Science Personel

Join us today on the USS Hephaistos: https://hephaistos.pegasusfleet.net/ind ... main/index

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I Will find a way or make one"

Captain James Warrington
Commanding Officer
USS Hephaistos

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