USS Emar Seeking Personnel For First Contact Missions

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USS Emar Seeking Personnel For First Contact Missions

Post by Confusedfire » Tue Feb 19, 2019 12:51 am

USS Emar, a Sovereign-class ship built for the purpose of First Contact with new species that are scattered throughout the Delta Quadrant! If the thought of a simm that focuses predominately on the creation of new aliens is intriguing to you then this is certainly the simm for you!
Available Positions:
- Chief Engineering
- Chief Tac/Sec Officer
- Chief Operations Officer
- Chief Science Officer
- Chief Diplomatic Officer
- Chief Medical Officer
- Chief Counselor
- Deputy Department Heads
- Junior Officer Positions

We are a 13+ Rated Simm
Task Force 11 Executive Officer

"Spot this is down...down is good!"

- LCDR Data

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