USS Sinnan Scout Vessel Seeking Transfers

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USS Sinnan Scout Vessel Seeking Transfers

Post by Chris » Wed May 22, 2019 6:48 pm


***/\*** News Alert ***/\***

Friends, the USS Sinnan scout vessel is going be needing transfers in the near future. While she is out on deployment currently, she is slated to dock with Deep Space 5 briefly. Please inquire with your superior if you are interested in a transfer. The Sinnan needs you!

-Captain Ovik, Task Force 56 Commanding Officer
We are looking for a few people to join the Sinnan. We are mid-mission, but we could work your new characters in perhaps another way while we wait for the mission to conclude. Here is what I'm after:
  • Operations Officer (with Helm)
  • Security Officer (with Tactical)
  • Science Officer

Inquire with @Chris#6382 on Discord or the contact form if you have questions!
Captain Ovik
Task Force 56 Commanding Officer

Commander Caymen Greener
Commanding Officer, USS Sinnan

Discord: @Chris#6382

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