Take what you want from life!

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Take what you want from life!

Post by Mikoto Misaka » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:32 pm

"You can take what life gives you, or you can take what you want from life. Your choice!"

Want to play a different style of Star Trek? Where rules are looser? Where you can be whatever you want?

The Imperial Star Ship Asha is a stolen Cheyenne Class Battlecruiser operating in the Terran Empire, circa 2410. Captain Mavis Vermillion, fed up and exhausted at the weakness in the Terran Empire decided to shape her own destiny and walk her own path. Admiral Leeta's incursions into the 'Prime Universe' and continual harassing of the United Federation of Planets and then her meddling in temporal affairs have reulted in her being beaten every time. Her constant defeats from the place where the Terran Rebellion originated has caused many troops to lose faith and loyalty in the strength of the Empire's leadership.

The ISS Asha is a different type of Terran Starship. It does not answer to the Empire, it does not answer to anyone. Although classed as a 'Terran Battlecruiser' she only answers when her captain feels like its worth her time. The Asha, officially classed as an neutral party, and a mission of 'Independent Operations' will do whatever she wants, when she wants and where she wants. Her crew are free, to shape their own destiny, walk their own paths and no longer be slaves to an oppresive Terran Empire. Will you join this crew of renegade and misfits? Or will you miss out on an adventure of a lifetime in a totally different Star Trek world, full of unknowns just waiting to be discovered?

Currently all Departmental Head positions are open.

Come check us out at: http://asha.microbrewgames.net/
Captain Mikoto Misaka
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USS Ermiana

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