Division 74 Monthly Update: July 2021

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Division 74 Monthly Update: July 2021

Post by Nate » Sun Aug 08, 2021 9:32 pm

Hey All You Cool Targs and Tribbles!

Nate here with some good hair! Happy August!

The past month has been a fun one. Division 74 has seen some awesome story telling from all kinds of perspectives.

USS Myogi awaits crew in Spacedock after a dramatic Trial of their former Commanding Officer. USS Mauretania has made it to Ocampa, where the crew has been free to explore and immerse themselves in Ocampa culture. Meanwhile,in the post apocalyptic world of Ashen Dawn, the group is in search of working vehicles to evade the grasp of a Soviet Colonel with a fierce bloodlust. Over in the Six Kingdoms of Westeros, the Lords and Ladies of House great and small have selected a monarch. Now the new King must get his affairs in order ahead of the Royal Wedding.

A big big congratulations to King Aethan Velaryon and the writers of the Six Kingdoms for snatching D74 Sim of the Month for another month and also and D74 Post of the Month for “A Late Night Conference” https://sixkingdoms.split-world.com/ind ... iewpost/41 Congratulations to all!

I’m looking forward to how we all fare with the challenge thrown down by our fearless CFOps Amethyst!

That's all from me folks!
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And many more....

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