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Division 74 Monthly Update: October 2021

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 1:35 am
by Nate
Hey All You Cool Targs and Tribbles!

Nate here with some good hair!

I hope everyone had a great October, and for those who partake, a fantastic Halloween. Division 74 had a pretty good month and churned out some great stories.

-Scandal from the trial of her former Commanding Officer has tainted the reputation of the USS Myogi. The ship heads off to squash a major diplomatic incident on the Klingon border.

-In the post-apocalyptic world of Ashen Dawn The Group has found vehicles, but danger looms on the horizon.The wounded are out of the church. Now they've got to hold the line and buy the wounded time to escape.

-Over in the Six Kingdoms of Westeros, The Iron Born are in open rebellion after promises made during the Great Council are not held up. King Aethan and his councillors find themselves focused on protecting the Realm and putting down the rebellion.

A big big congratulations to King Aethan Velaryon and the writers of the Six Kingdoms for snatching D74 Sim of the Month for and also to Commander Maho Nishizumi-Takahashi and the writers of USS Myogi for taking D74 Post of the Month.

Congratulations to all the Division 74 awards winners this month!! Keep up the amazing work!