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October Wrap Up News

Post by Stannes » Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:55 pm

Friends and Peers of the Fleet,

Here at D74 we like to have a running log of accomplishments and fun info to share with the rest of the fleet. Please take a peek and enjoy as much as we have.

For starters, I want to share some excellent news with you. The CO and crew of the USS Manoora set a goal for themselves to dramatically alter their sim in both pacing and structure. Over a short period they made it happen through teamwork, communication and a joint want to succeed and continue telling their stories. Because of this, the sim was issued a D74 Task Force award for their achievement. I am so very glad to see them succeeding and I really look forward to watching them continue to flourish. In case you haven't gotten a chance to give the Manoora a glance, the sim is set during the Dominion War, so it's chock full of action all of the time.


Second, I'd like to congratulate Star Wars: Rogue Moon on hitting the ground running. They're gaining crew fast, having made it to seven players just after the first of the month. Captain Spivak has worked extremely hard to put together a lovely website including a text crawl for the opening page. If you're looking to join his sim, you need to hop to it fast.

Next comes the Battlestar Solaria which is shaping up to be a sturdy little sim. The ship is still looking for an XO and has a great many positions open if you're looking for a sim. He has some great ideas for having a unique run through the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica universe without relying on the plot specifics covered in the show. That really leaves room for the characters to shine as the stars of the story.

Stargate Cataclysm gained it's 6th member just after the month and and opened up a second team in addition to finishing its first mission. There's still room to join if you're interested in a Stargate sim with a unique non-canon history.

The USS Excelsior is new to our fleet, but it is over three years old and has a ton of stories shared in its back logs. If you'd like to know more about the sim, please contact Captain Gardner. I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss it with you.

By next month, I hope to share with you more stories and quotes and continue to show you why D74 is an amazing task group.

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