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Guide For this Forum

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:02 pm
by Taylor_Isley
This forum will hold Missions that are part of the TF Story Arc. They will be Organized in two different ways and will appear as shown Below.

[Available] Mission Name
Missions with the [Available] tag are missions written and designed to advance the TF Story Arc. These Missions will be open-ended and CO's Are Welcome to claim the mission for their sim to do. IC these missions will come with Orders From Captain Taylor Wood for the CO to follow. OOC I will provide a basic outline for the CO to use and give some details we would like to keep Consent. However, most of the mission will be open for the CO and the Crew of the sim to write as they see fit.

['Sim Name'] Mission Name
Mission with the tag [Sim Name] are either claimed [availaible] missions or missions that are written and or finished by COs that effect the TF Plot.

The Mission Reports (IC Topic) will be an IC log of these missions and the OOC Infomation will here Before being formatted for the TF story arc topic.