Players Seeking Ships Rules

Have a character you've been working on, but don't know where to put them? Post here, and watch the offers come flying in!
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Players Seeking Ships Rules

Post by Williams » Wed May 04, 2011 8:09 pm

Players can use this forum to make posts about characters they are seeking to house on a sim. Players should:
  • Include information about the type of sim you would like (new/established, starship/starbase, age rating, email/SMS/forum, and so on)
  • Post a full character biography for COs to review. Simply saying "I am looking for a <insert blank here> post" does not help COs very much. You may also want to include a sample post, or at least be prepared for a CO to ask for one. Don't worry, we won't steal any of your material! :lol:
  • If there are any other factors you think should be included with your post, please do so. Information such as "willing to accept a junior officer position" or "prefer a fast pace" are helpful in a CO's decision in whether to respond to the ad.
Recruitment responses should be by PM. This keeps the threads from becoming free chances to advertise COs sims unfairly if they have your desired position open, when we already provide a forum for all sim adverts.

Once you find a sim for your character, please post an announcement stating such in the topic, and PM a moderator to request the topic be closed. There is nothing more frustrating for COs who see a post for a character they'd love to have, only to learn that they were accepted onto a sim three weeks ago.


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