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Eldria - Geophysicist (Earth Sage)

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:11 am
by Treymiar

Character Information
Gender Female
Species Janusian
Age 215

Physical Appearance
Height 5'4"
Weight 200 lbs.
Hair Color Crystalline
Eye Color Vivid green

Physical Description
Eldria is not cuddly. She's a silicon-based life form well covered with small crystals. Oddly enough however, humans often consider her to be 'pretty'.

Her body is consequently heavier than similar sized humans. Although she doesn't suffer from Gorn slow motion, she isn't as mobile or quick moving as humans can be. Her glassen vocal cords give her well articulated voice a unique sound.

It is fortunate that she isn't as dependent upon atmospheric respiration as humans are, especially when she sinks like a rock in water. She isn't ultra-dense by any means, but it takes a major PFD to keep her afloat.

Spouse none

Personality & Traits
General Overview
Eldria is what might be called an Earth Sage. In Starfleet terms, she would be a geophysicist, albeit by alien technological standards.

A significant part of her nutritional and healing needs are met by absorption of ambient radiation. She can benefit from radiation levels and wavelengths which are harmful to humans. She depends upon small hi-tech devices to render medical aid which your average starship sickbay can't provide.

Her body is exceptionally durable in comparison with humans. She is, however, relatively vulnerable to acid venoms. She's quite strong and packs a (literally) rock hard punch.

Transporter chiefs don't like to see her coming. Transporter filaments wear out a lot faster from the increased burden of sending her through the stream. She hears, "Wouldn't you like to take a shuttle?" rather frequently. After transporter rides and after high radiation exposures, her surface crystals have an phosphorescent glow to them.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+ intelligent, analytical mind
+ in depth knowledge of mineralogy, vulcanism, and natural radioactivity
+ strong fundamental respect for life in general
+ knowledgeable about unusual/valuable mineral deposits in the region
+ has several years experience with Tholian space anomalies.

- largely ignorant of Federation culture
- is sometimes hesitant obeying rules that she doesn't understand.
- is unsupportive of commercial planetary development ( + and - )
- doesn't display a playful sense of humor (although is basically nice)

To learn. Like the Iotians, Eldria's people have an almost disconcerting ability to quickly assimilate new sciences and technologies.
Hobbies & Interests Eldria is a naturalist, quite curious about other planets.

Personal History
Eldria comes from a race with a small population. Her homeworld is Janus-5. (Sister planet Janus-6 is where Captain Kirk encountered the famous 'Horta' creature centuries before.)

She was captured near Tholian space by unscrupulous merchants (pirates). They immediately set to increasingly severe interrogation concerning unusual dilithium in her possession. Realizing that they could get into severe trouble with Federation authorities for her abuse, her captors had no intention of letting her go after extracting the information they wanted.

Eldria was liberated (i.e. stolen) from her pirate captors by a scoundrel Ferengi named Napoleon. After some interesting adventures, the Federation became aware of her existence and initiated 'first contact' protocol with her and her race.

Technically, Eldria should be an ambassador. However, in her culture, individuals do not represent the whole. The Federation is desirous to receive an ambassador, especially since Janus-5 is radioactive at levels unhealthy for carbon DNA life forms. The first diplomatic step is to develop cultural familiarity. There is no better place than aboard a starship full of highly trained professionals. Eldria was certified as socially and fleet compatible by passing Starfleet's basic officer's training school. She was given the rank of Petty Officer and offered a position on a science vessel in the role of geophysicist.

Service Record
SS Lynx, Vanguard Fleet - Passenger.
USS Atlas, Pegasus Fleet - Geophysicist.

Re: Eldria - Geophysicist (Earth Sage)

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:17 am
by Treymiar

I VERY quickly came to the realization. Eldria's theme personality is quite limited, perhaps even boring.
To balance that, I matched her up with a colorful NPC.
Hmmmm... perhaps he should be the PC and she the NPC?
Anyway, Buscemi is a jack of all trades, part time scoundrel, smuggler,... pretty much an honorary Ferengi.

Name - Alan Buscemi (pNPC - Eldria)
Position - Away Team Coordinator
Rank - Crewman

Character Information
Gender - Male
Species - Human
Age - 45

Physical Appearance
Height - 5'8"
Weight - 160 lbs
Hair Color - Dark
Eye Color - Dark Blue

Physical Description
Thin, wiry build. Alan is in fit condition not out of love for fitness training. Trouble often finds him and he gets lots of exercise running for it. Although he dresses for function and not fashion, he can surprise people at just how fancy he can dude up.

Spouse Marital Status: Unclear

Personality & Traits
General Overview
Alan is a fairly gifted jack of all trades. Although he often comes off as being cowardly, he's a good ally to have when you're in trouble. He won't join idealist crusades, but he does remember people who were his friend.
His emotions often conflict. He enjoys peace, quiet, and security. Yet, he positively can't stand boredom.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Quick thinking, good street smarts.
+ Can work his way up to being 99% honest. Okay, well maybe 90%.
+ Will grudgingly be the hero, if absolutely nobody else is available.
+ Doesn't enjoy violence, but keeps woobie weapons close by.

- Enjoys being sarcastic. It is his way of venting emotional stress.
- Doesn't suffer in silence.
- Ferengi are the bane of his life. He can't stand them.

Buscemi is looking for some stability in life.
Has a long list of 'friends' who would like to catch up with him. This list includes shady merchants, former girlfriends, trade inspectors, and a ranking Ferengi named Napoleon.

Hobbies & Interests
Money, Gossip, Influence.
His skills and languages have all been learned on-the-fly, as needed to survive.
He likes to tinker with helpful little gadgets.

Personal History
Alan grew up in poor, struggling Earth colonies that laid outside Federation territories. The likes of Klingons, Romulans, and Bajor were on the other side of the Alpha Quadrant, so he didn't suffer much in the way of xeno-pressures. However, the focus of his early years was primarily in scavenging for life support and shelter.

Service Record
This is Alan's first Starfleet service. Previously, he had been an private merchantman. Starfleet 'encouraged' him to enlist as a practical means of keeping him out of trouble.

Re: Eldria - Geophysicist (Earth Sage)

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:19 am
by Treymiar
Janus-5 is sister planet to Janus-6, where Captain Kirk encountered the famous 'Horta' creature during his early Enterprise years.

The planet's ambient radiation is too high for most carbon-based DNA life forms to survive. There is life on this world, but most of it is silicon-based. This includes the intelligent humanoid Janusians who lightly populate the planet.

Janusians are intelligent and space faring, although their sciences and technologies are radically different than that of the Federation. Revelation of their existence came as quite a surprise to the Federation, who had passed by the planet for centuries without realizing that they were there. One reason was, high radiation tended to wash out sensor readings. This was complicated by the fact that their bodies absorb ambient radiation as a nutrient. Another was, the Janusians were content to quietly watch the Federation without announcing themselves.

Federation diplomatic overtures have been slow going. One problems is, individuals within the Janusian community do not represent the whole. (Janusians understand the concept. They simply refuse it.) As a consequence, there can be no ambassador to represent the entire planet. Still, both Starfleet and the Federation have a zealous desire to become better acquainted with these reclusive people and their remarkable abilities.