[ON DUTY] Tannis Cateau

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[ON DUTY] Tannis Cateau

Post by Chiyeko » Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:03 am

It is an other long one without doubt, still I hope you like her and again if you have feedback I love to hear it :)

Name: Tannis Cateau
Species: Human/Romulan
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Hair: White
Eyes: Green
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 76Kg

Physical description:

Tannis is a woman that tends to attract a view, though she hardly cares herself. With a slight tan on her skin, Snow white long hair hanging loose on her back or tied in a high pony tail to keep it out of the way and a pair of deep green eyes make for a face that you remember more easily than most. Her voice is a strong soprano though can be easily masked through many accents she speaks without flaw.

Well trained she is an free runner so endurance and strength are balanced well in her routines and she is light on her feet moving with a certain grace and precision. Overall she stands strong and with an strong sense of authority, few would dare to challenge her straight on and those foolish enough to do so behind her swiftly find out that her ears are still fine despite the wars.


Though appearances might be deceiving Tannis is at hearth more what one would call a geek than warrior of which she carries the appearance. She knows her way around computers systems just as well as she knows her way around weapons and explosives. Though introverted as a result she learned to mask this well en mingle a lot something you are pretty much forced into when serving with the marines.

She is known mainly though amongst her colleagues as a person with a cool head no matter what is going on she seems to keep a distanced view and just go on best way possible. This does mean however that she comes over as not carrying for others, but that is not the case she simply puts the needs of the many above the needs of the few and most of the times that means her fellow marines.


+Master at arms
+Excellent QCQ fighter
+Computer systems expert
-Not at ease in social situations
-comes over to cold and distanced at times mainly to strangers.
-Doesn’t stand for bad decisions specially in combat


Keep the SFMC in shape and uphold the traditions of the United Federation of Planet and Starfleet. Avoid promotion to officer ranks at all costs.


She spends most of her free time behind a console, rarely sharing what she is doing, but most people it is a case of honing her skills, just as she is training more frequently than others in her normal duty fields.


Father: Julian Cateau
Mother: Elena Cateau
Sister: Juliet Cateau


Tannis grew up in Quebec in a small village where her parents ran the local hardware and repair store/service station for the region. Together with her 2 year older sister they swiftly where drafted into service to help out, Juliet mainly spend her time with administration while Tannis swiftly dug into computing systems spending many hours bringing them back to life or removing bugs and other software errors. It was a peaceful life away from most of the hectic from the galaxy at large, even Starfleet was rarely seen outside of supply shuttles in winter times when the weather had been really bad, but even than it was once every few years. The people however didn’t mind they enjoyed their peace and quiet, but for a growing up Tannis things started to get boring.

It was still however to a huge shock to her parents when she came home 1 day after having being away for a few days and put down the parental weaver that could get her join the SFMC. The argument that followed was fierce from 3 sides, but not from Tannis she calmly replied to every objection and question. In the end it was her sister Juliet who understood that her little sister despite not even being of age had a better grasp of what she wanted to do than she had and combined the convinced their parents to sign the forms. 2 Weeks later Tannis left her home and went to boot camp to start a new chapter in her life.

Boot camp is designed to turn an average civilian into a basic marine and while many expected miracles in how they would be when coming out of it Tannis knew better and knew they wouldn’t turn her into a super solider they would simply turn her into a marine fit enough for duty. Getting through boot camp wasn’t easy, but to Tannis it was fun she had spend many long hours outside and training when she was younger, but in boot camp she learned things she had never heard off and even more so the mental side of things provided to be an interesting discovery ride. She graduated boot camp as private first class being her training platoon leader she scored top marks. Her parents where there during her graduation watching their child still not of age standing there proudly in the uniform of the SFMC.

Her first duty station was onboard starbase 234 near the Klingon boarder home to a house that was always stirring up some trouble. The recon battalion was a simple infantry force without any form of armor and had been fighting with the Klingons for the better part of the year when Tannis arrived. The fact that they were fighting Klingons came as a surprise to Tannis who had spend her time studying and she had believed that the peace and alliance was actually real, but as the marines of her new explained to the fresh recruit it was a case of a house not feeling the same as most and despite the fact that they were attacking nearby colonies it never was something to big to cause a incident on a larger scale.

A year down the road and things had turned quiet once more after enough diplomatically pressure was issued. With the Klingons out of the picture the focus for the marine switched to the occasional anti piracy raids and other than those many long weeks of training and doing little else. Such was the life of a marine 9 out of 10 days there was nothing going on and even when something was going on most of the time there was no action. Things however turned sour when a colony outside of the Federation requested aid a year later, seeking to join the Federation by the majority vote the minority had started to rebel and the colony lacked the means to deal with the rebellion. The recon platoon with Tannis was sent to the colony to clear the way for a larger force if needed, but instead they found themselves securing government buildings against large groups of rioters and swiftly came under heavy fire with no choice, but to retaliate.

The fighting on the colony remained fierce with the rebels not willing to give up and with modern day sensors not able to penetrate the mountainous planet well they where a constant threat. Recon was often the force to take the largest beating going in first there was little recon to be done in the terrain where the rebels where fighting on the home field and instead it was mostly straight up combat. It was during a raid on a large rebel force dug deep into the caves of one the many mountain ranges that Tannis collected what would be the first of many medals, cornered by rebels who knew the caves better 5th squad was in deep trouble and Tannis made her move sneaking up close to the rebels in one of the corridors linking to the room where 5th suad was holding out she and Lance Corporal Davids attacked out of nowhere with 2 against at least 3 dozen rebels they did the only thing they could charge to clear a path. In the end 5th squad made it out when rescued by 8th and 9th, but they where more wounded and death than alive. Davids had died trying to buy their way out and Tannis wasn't far behind on that track and spend the next 3 months recovering.

The fighting would last for nearly 4 years before the rebels where finally pushed into enough corners to give up. The entire war had been fought far away from the news and knowledge of most people and even those who knew about it where swiftly to forget as the Dominion war that was to start would over shadow anything before it. To Tannis who had left the planet as a Sergeant and with a large expansion of confetti on her chest however she would remember it for their experience saw their platoon being split up and spread out to share it to many marine forces to use in the dominion war. Before that happened though it was time to head home and see her family, her parents and sister had been eager to see her as she had been writing them often. Spending time at home was a culture shock for Tannis and her parents and sister, coming from a war zone to a peaceful village it was difficult for both sides. It was clear that Tannis had changed a lot not just in appearance, but mainly as a person she was a marine now who had been through hell and back a few times.

When she returned to her battalion transfer orders with a promotion where waiting for her, the dominion threat was real and the marines needed to spread out the experience they had to their many marines who hadn't been in active combat drops. So she went a fresh staff sergeant with more medals and ribbons than most to her new battalion the 1st recon battalion of the 2nd regiment. The 1st battalion hadn't seen life combat in 5 years and it showed, being just an NCO Tannis was furious to see how lacks the troops had gotten, but she was an NCO with a Distinguished Service Cross amongst other things so people where keen to listen to this latest platoon sergeant. With Tannis her drive and not afraid to put down the weight of her achievements she slowly got at start at least the platoon moving and by oil spill effect the battalion because marines remain a competitive sort. It was nothing to soon as the Dominion war swiftly turned from warm into hot into heated.

Inter arma enim silent leges famous words that ring true in every war, Tannis knew this, but many of the marines in her platoon didn't they had seen boot camp and maybe a pirate raid, but no more than that and hence the actual war came as a shock to these still green troops. Guiding her platoon commander second lt Liana through the first months had been a struggle, but over time she grew better into her role and Tannis found herself focused again on the things that did truly matter. Records throughout the war are sketchy though officially never transferred in the heat and confusion marines simply paired up where needed, their numbers dwindling fast old structures lost their importance. What is known that at some point in the second year of the war Tannis got a promotion to Gunnery sergeant and assumed actually full command over a platoon with officers becoming a more scarce good and hence NCOs where given roles when they where suited.

The war itself was a terrible thing still, even to Tannis who had been through hell found a whole new level of hell when fighting the Jem hadar troops. Only killing them would stop them and that meant at time that the casualty rates on both sides and civilians rose up to levels where the people turned into numbers. She later explained how her platoon never looked the same, people left, died or where injured and replaced with other marines, militia people and normal starfleet personnel. The strong bond remained, but training was lacking and many people where not capable to deal with war, but in war the law did fall silent. Still Tannis kept herself and her platoon to high standards best they could becoming know for capturing a lot of Cardassian ground troops throughout the war. Though the exact details where never revealed Tannis was awarded with the highest honor possible after the war for her actions alongside with plenty of other medals and ribbons. When asked about being awarded the medal of honor she stated that it was a hugely effective bat to beat off any unwanted promotion with.

After the war Tannis spend a good few years at the academy and boot camp training new recruits and future officers into their jobs as marines in the SFMC. It was a rewarding job and for once the fire fighting was just for training and while recruits still got injured at time it was because of stupid little mistakes from which they could learn and not die right away from. It where 4 years of just showing recruits what the life of their choice would be like and though her platoons had a higher drop out rate than most the ones who did stick around tended to score top marks. It was as she said the old case of quality over quantity stating that marines are not cannon fodder and that hence every pair of boots has to be up to the task ahead or be a danger to his or her comrades. Still at some point one grows tired of teaching recruits and dealing with their issues and with Romulan space being turned into a huge stirring bowl of trouble she swiftly found herself reassigned.

Back in active duty assigned as the Battalion sergeant of the 1st recon battalion, 3rd brigade, 1st Regiment Tannis found herself in the territory of the home of her mother who had been a Romulan refugee from many years ago. Starfleet is heading dozens of operations to save guard people and take in refugees in the boarder worlds, but the Romulans divided as they always had been didn't all take a liking to it and the combat was fierce on many colony world and the agile recon battalions where the ones who took the biggest beating. Despite her role Tannis was found on the front lines all the time dragging her superior officer around with her, stating that it was crucial for troop morale to see them fighting in the same ditch as the grunts, beside fighting in the ditches was the kind of shit Tannis knew and oddly felt more comfortable with than sitting at a field command post.

However the conflict on the Romulan boarder worlds is brief within a year the Federation pulls back not wanting to risk a full war and unsure of whom to support in the conflict. For Tannis however it doesn't mean quiet as they are swiftly assigned to a Cardassia where a new civil war is looming and they have to protect the Federation presence on the planet which is trying to rebuild the agricultural base. Things swiftly turn from worse to sour and the asymmetrical warfare reminds Tannis of her first real years of combat and she shines in combating the True way movements with great success coming up with innovative ways to counter act and turn the tide the 1st is capable of holding their grounds and secure the civilians, though it is not without cost to the 1st in the first year they loose a 92 marines to attacks and bombs.

Promoted to Master Sergeant Tannis is assigned a special task force onboard the USS Victorious assigned as a rapid response force the Victorious is patrolling the boarders of the Federation to render aid where it is needed. The combat for Tannis switches from the ground to boarding operations, a serious transition that doesn't please her to much. She does however adapt and she learns to realize how it suits her better as normally a NCO with her rank would be grounded in some command center instead of active duty combat. For 5 years Tannis and her platoon of marines show up all across the galaxy where trouble arises their targets are small, but so are their numbers and Tannis learns that it is simply a war fought on a smaller and more personal scale where ever pair of boots matters even more than she had previously considered. Being up and close to the action also means every action is watched like a hawk both good and bad, but Tannis learned a long time ago that screw ups where paid for in blood.

From leading her own unit to being back under the direct command of a Major going by the name of Julian was something many would not exactly consider a promotion even if it meant she now carried the prestigious rank of Sergeant Major after 20+ years of service. However when it comes down to getting the hardest jobs in the core than few things beat a rapid response team, marines who deploy into any situation with little to no warning or intelligence and hence are depending on their own skills and judgements to complete their mission. For Tannis it was like the final tests to prove that she had it to handle any situation thrown into her lap and working with Major Julian proved to be a blast the Major to had plenty of experience and he also knew how to make full use of Tannis her own experience and together they proved to be an excellent team. Though their missions are not listed with details in the books due the fact that they often lay quite sensitive, it was clear that in the 4 years the unit was in operation under Major Julian and Sergeant Major Tannis they where effective.

However 4 years down the road Major Julian retired from service and Tannis took an extended leave something she hadn't done in some time. She considered her future in that time spending it home at the family business now in the hands of her Mother and Sister with her Dad sitting more on the side lines his age showing being after all just human. In the end though Tannis knew that she knew to do one job very well and being around her old home and also spending time in the bigger cities she knew that she could never adjust to civilian life again. So when her leave was over she reported back to HQ to see what new hell they had managed to find for her, or as they would say a new assignment which tended to translate sooner or later into hell anyway.

Medical record:

2366: Recruit has passed the entry exams with ease, nothing to report.
2367: PFC was brought into medical bay after evac, 1 disruptor bolt to the left shoulder and a deep cut in the lower right arm. PFC made a full recovery in 1 week.
2368: Lance Corporal passed medical evaluation no injuries present nor do past injuries show any lingering effects.
2369: Brought in to field hospital in critical condition after a raid on rebels in caves, injures included multiple counts of phaser burn marks, right eye lost to fire, 5 broken ribs and collapsed lung from a grenade blast and a shattered left leg lower and upper.
2370: Sergeant has passed her medical exams, she seems to have fully adjusted to the artificial eye and while her upper leg still strains at times she states it is improving and refuses to take a discharge on medical grounds.
2371: A busy year once more for the Sergeant most minor injuries though, it seems she has learned to dodge better, or that is what I am hoping for I have seen enough marines come in here just to die.
2372: This horrid conflict is finally done, but not before I have seen the Sergeant brought in here twice again with serious injuries, shot down twice this year in her chest I am starting to wonder if she is actively looking out to collect stars for her purple hearth. I ordered some leave time for her as she needs to recover for a longer period of time to give her body a chance to fully heal.
2373: Reports are scattered, but show a range of injuries.
2374: Reports are scattered, but show a range of injuries.
2375: Reports remain scattered through one report shows critical internal injuries after storming a dominion strong hold, was rushed to field hospital and evacuated to a starship, back in action within 2 weeks though not fully healed.
2376: Nothing to report
2377: Nothing to report
2378: Caught a rare virus due her part Romulan nature, 6 weeks out of commission, but full recovery
2379: Nothing to report
2380: Disruptor bolt to the leg and shoulder, made full recovery.
2381: Survived an other roadside IED and subsequent attack, though her actions while in valor did result in severe injuries and patient had to be kept in coma for 4 days.
2382: Broken upper arm, training accident.
2383: Nothing to report
2384: Nothing to report
2385: Nothing to report
2386: Phaser blast to her chest, mainly blocked by armor, but still enough to leave severe burns and cardiac arrest.
2387: Broken ankle and shattered rib due a fall from height.
2388: Shot twice with a projectile weapon, first shot clipped the skull, second hit the left shoulder.
2389: Nothing to report
2390: Shot with a disruptor bolt at close range, treatment only took place several days later, needed extensive skin repair.
2391: Sergeant Major is considered fit of active duty after extended leave.

Psychological record:

2366: Recruit has passed her entry exams, cannot find any psychological barriers that would prevent her from service or otherwise. In general this recruit seems to have a level and clear head and despite her age knows fully what she is getting into.
2367: Despite a first battlefield injury she has shown to maintain a clear and calm posture and when asked about the events leading to her injury her answer was clear, “I signed up for this knowing what could happen.”
2368: LC seems to handle the quiet less well than the stress, it is clear that she is bored by the excessive amounts of training she is taking care off.
2369: Normal people would call a person like Tannis crazy, but I worked with marines long enough to know that her actions where normal to her and to the people with whom she worked. She remains stable in all my tests and I have to admire that courage, though something tells me there is something hiding these days.
2370: The constant fighting leaves a mark on all the marines I see each year. They all handle it in their own way, for Tannis it is clear she looks for small things she can perfect spending her time on computing equipment or the range to fine tune her skills seems to work fine.
2371: This conflict is terrible and I can see why my predecessor had to leave as a counselor you have to understand what is going on, but not be affected by it. This is also what seems to work for Sargeant Tannis Cateau, she keeps a level head and a view point on things that help her cope with what she has to do quite well, though I wouldn't be able to follow in her line of work she could have followed in mine if not for the carreer path she has chosen.
2372: The conflict has passed, but not for the marines, Sargeant Tannis Cateau carries the same scars as they all do, but still seems to be able to deal with them quite well. The leave time ordered by the doc will also be good for her, give her a chance to reflect. I did order her to talk to a counselor though when she returned from leave as the time could have some effects on her mental state.
2372(B): Sergeant shows clear signs of some culture shock, but other than this nothing that will winder service.
2373: No report on records
2374: No report on records
2375: Gunnery sergeant has spoken to me as a counselor for the first time in years. Just 1 month ago she was awarded the medal of honor for her actions in the war. Like many marines she doesn't speak much about most events only listing some battles without going into to much detail. It is hard to judge a person in this state and my recommendation is to observe over the coming year.
2376: The gunny seems to be in great mental health working with the new recruits seems to fit her well right now, though she speaks out of frustration more often.
2377: Training still seems to work well and with more experience comes back the calm and collected attitude she has been known for. Other instructors do worry about her harsh nature towards the recruits though, but I see no harm in her actions or behavior.
2378: Nothing special to report, most recent leave went over well with both sides more adjusted.
2379: There are some signs of restlessness in the gunny and likely she is looking for a new challenge and get back some of the brotherhood feel of an active duty unit, recommended she looked into transfers.
2380: Despite her Romulan blood there seems to be little that makes the sergeant think any differently, likely a result of how well her mother has integrated into the Federation being raised by a Federation family since the age of 8. The sergeant did state that some of the pows found it easier to talk to her.
2381: The second roadside IED and attack has left a mark, her actions where more reckless than normal and I believe this is linked to the previous attack, but I cannot confirm this assumption, for now I put her under supervision to make sure there are no out of the ordinary lingering effects.
2382: From reading past reports she seems oddly out of place onboard this ship and in her role and it showed in her chats with me over the past weeks. I will monitor though I doubt it will have an effect on her service.
2383: It seems the sergeant has adjusted better than expected and has started to shine even, still she limits social interactions which has to do with the fact I assume that many people want to hear tall tales and this woman has seen what tall tales truly entail.
2384: Sergeant had a brief breakdown last month, I do not know fully why, but from what I heard the sights at the pirate facility that they raided where cruel and might have brought back some lingering memories. I am pleased though that she came to me to talk about this, it felt like it lifted some weight of her shoulders, but it also made me wonder how much more there is still lingering in her mind.
2385: Continued showing of calm and collective nature when on duty keeps on impressing the captain and others, though she comes by to talk more often in the early hours about past times, it seems like her mind is finally letting go of things. All I can do is hope that I help and that is it is not being replaced with even worse things.
2386: Talks have been reduced, but still happen about once a month on average, there is a lot on this marine her mind, but she is dealing with it and that is great news to me. Also the recent injury doesn't seem to have any lingering effects.
2387: Sergeant Major came to me for her basic talks, lasted longer than normal seems she likes to share matters and reading up on her record I can see why, didn't schedule anything, but expect to see her again soon.
2388: Though talking less frequently she still drops by around 4 times a year, more often in quiet periods than active ones, rarely talks about current duties more about the past.
2389: It has been a busy year and I only seen her once outside of the mandatory check up, she seems to handle the new job greatly, but I also sense some doubts about her life.
2390: Spoken more frequently over the last year, it seems she is still looking into finding her place whether it be in the core or outside of it, I told her that she has to come up with that answer and it seems to trouble her, something unexpected to me.
2391: Reading through her record and speaking to the Sergeant Major I feel like she is fit for duty from a mental stand point. She deals with issues she has and made up her mind about her future for the coming time.

Service record:

2366: Recruit, Boot camp
2367: PFC, 5th squad, 1st platoon, 2nd recon battalion, 1st brigade 5th regiment
2368: Lance Corporal, 5th squad, 1st platoon, 2nd recon battalion, 1st brigade 5th regiment
2369: Lance Corporal, 5th squad, 1st platoon, 2nd recon battalion, 1st brigade 5th regiment
2370: Sergeant, 5th squad, 1st platoon, 2nd recon battalion, 1st brigade 5th regiment
2371: Sergeant, 5th squad, 1st platoon, 2nd recon battalion, 1st brigade 5th regiment
2372: Sergeant, 5th squad, 1st platoon, 2nd recon battalion, 1st brigade 5th regiment
2373: Staff Sergeant, 2nd platoon, 1st recon battalion, 3th brigade, 2nd regiment
2374: Staff Sergeant, 2nd platoon, 1st recon battalion, 3th brigade, 2nd regiment
2375: Gunnery Sergeant, 2nd platoon, 1st recon battalion, 3th brigade, 2nd regiment
2376: Gunnery Sergeant, SFMC trainer boot camp/academy.
2377: Gunnery Sergeant, SFMC trainer boot camp/academy.
2378: Gunnery Sergeant, SFMC trainer boot camp/academy.
2379: Gunnery Sergeant, SFMC trainer boot camp/academy.
2380: Gunnery Sergeant, 1st recon battalion, 3rd brigade, 1st regiment
2381: Gunnery Sergeant, 1st recon battalion, 3rd brigade, 1st regiment
2382: Master Sergeant, Special task force Epsilon 7 CO.
2383: Master Sergeant, Special task force Epsilon 7 CO.
2384: Master Sergeant, Special task force Epsilon 7 CO.
2385: Master Sergeant, Special task force Epsilon 7 CO.
2386: Master Sergeant, Special task force Epsilon 7 CO.
2387: Sergeant Major, Rapid response team Sierra 8 senior NCO.
2388: Sergeant Major, Rapid response team Sierra 8 senior NCO.
2389: Sergeant Major, Rapid response team Sierra 8 senior NCO.
2390: Sergeant Major, Rapid response team Sierra 8 senior NCO.
2391: Sergeant Major, TBD

Selection of medals and ribbons awarded:

Medal of honor
Marine Corps Distinguished Service Cross, with 1 star
Silver Star with 3 stars
Legion of Merit with 4 stars
Bronze Star with 12 stars
Purple hearth with 4 stars
Extended Service Citation
Career Service Citation
Citation of Exceptional Service with 3 stars
Dominion war service ribbon
Combat drop ribbon
Rinas rebellion service ribbon
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Re: Tannis Cateau

Post by Jilrak » Mon Jun 09, 2014 8:15 pm

Maybe I just missed it, but given the general attitude of Romulans in relation to any other race in the galaxy, ie we are better than you, it would be nice to see a bit about her parents got together given that she is 1/2 human, 1/2 romulan.
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Re: Tannis Cateau

Post by Chiyeko » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:38 pm

There is a small hint in there, in short her mother was a refugee child, not much history on her prior to be adopted by some human parents. So this whole Romulan ideals are not really put into her mind, though it shows in smaller things like she will smack a officer down who makes stupid decisions and a strong sense of honour (hence capturing hostile forces when possible).

I could work out the history a bit more there, but it wouldn't really add much I believe atm, but I might be mistaken :)


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