[ON DUTY] Ryel Akyl

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[ON DUTY] Ryel Akyl

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Name: Ryel Akyl
Species: Bellarun
Gender: Female
Age: 62
Hair: Bordeaux Red
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 87.5Kg

Physical description:

Ryel is relatively small for her species were the females reach 2m in length and the males 1.8m on average. What she lacks in bulk though she makes up with agility and when people see her move with a lightness and grace they wouldn’t suspect that they were looking at a person weighing in at over 87.5Kg. Her scales cary a beautiful dark blue hue for colour matching her eyes, though her hair stands in stark contrast to this with the dark Bordeaux red colour.

A Bellarun would never wear such basic clothes as found in a star trek uniform, though they understand the need for a uniform pattern specially when amongst so many others. Ryel her uniform is therefore like that of other Bellarun nearly identical to the standard one until one takes a finer look, woven in the fabric are very fine patterns and waves, it is a compromise made to keep the look of the uniform, but also keep to the Bellarun traditions.


Ryel is a stable person believing in what she does is right and standing for the ideals of her people which align well with those of Starfleet. Despite her position as an officer she never feels better than others simply due to rank, she will only accept skill as the true stance on who is superior on a subject, she does however also understand that there are people needed to guide the people with different skills to a common goal.

Though like Bellarun she has an issue with the consumption of meat she accepts it when it comes from a replicated source and will even stand for consumption of life animals when it is part of culture though she will not sit or talk to those who do so out of free will.

When on duty she knows and follows her tasks and will not accept those who do not take their job seriously or those who try to get away with doing half a job, no matter what one does after all it is an art and art should be done properly.


+Physiology makes her very resilient and physically strong.
-Needs a far higher food intake than others and seeing Bellaruns don’t carry much fat can’t survive for more than 4 days without food.
+Strong and stable personality makes her ideal in a crisis as she will not panic, nor will she hesitate.
-Has a tendency to demand perfection from herself and others


She hopes to one day master the art of commanding a ship and sail the stars, as much as she loved her planet and people to her the universe itself is a work of art she cannot resist to explore.


Ryel is blade maker and spends many hours forging and crafting her blades, when she is in the need for some relaxing though she takes to the public areas often sharing the brews and distilled drinks from her people which pack hugely complex flavours and even the most basic of drinks contains dozens of different ingredients.


Father: Lor Akyl (Brew master)
Mother: Ilanoi Akyl (Wood decorator)
Sister(s): Jylu Akyl (Diplomat working for starlfeet)
Brother(s): none
spouse: none
Children: none
Other family: none


The Bellarun:

The Bellarun are by classification and nature a humanoid species, though their outer appearance makes most think about them as reptilian. The fact that they have a large though not very thick tail does of course only add to this perception of the species, but the Bellarun take no offense to either name. The scales that make up their outer skin are made out of 100% pure titanium offering the Bellarun a much needed protection against the many predators they once had to fear. The more flexible inner areas are covered by the same scales, just much smaller and next to impossible to see by the naked eye, these sames scales also cover their faces. The colour of the scales can vary widely as the top layer is crystallized, though most common they are red, green or blue in tone.

Bellarun physiology is more normal than one might think with the sole exceptions being the double hearths and the extremely dense nature of their bodies thanks primarily to their muscles. Carrying about 25 to 35% more weight around than humans of the same size do part of this can be attributed to their titanium scales and bone structures, but most is found in the strong dense muscles which allow the Bellarun to still move with speed and agility. Because of their dense nature their scales also serve as an important tool to dissipate heat combined with their ability to like humans sweat it works well to rapidly cool their bodies down when needed. A disadvantage though is that the Bellarun burn a lot more energy in a given day a 5000 calorie intake is the baseline for them. By nature the Bellarun do not wear clothes, but after dealing with foreign species they adopted the use of them as they seemed to put most species more at ease. As with everything they make though Bellarun clothing is always a work of art of beauty, a basic shirt you will find no Bellarun will wear or craft. A Bellarun can comfortably reach ages of 250 or higher and because of their scales age doesn’t show on their bodies, but they say it shows in the eyes.

The Bellarun history is one of violence and cruelty. A herbivorous species they were about as intelligent as Earth Chimpanzee and lived in the many lush forests on their ancestral home planet of Karool. However their planet was also home to the Cron an humanoid species which had developed intelligence and technology for many centuries. The Cron however were a violent species, very warlike and constantly at odds with each other. As this progressed and their technology improved they like humans learned about the many uses for the material called titanium. This discovery was bad news for the Bellarun who soon were hunted down to be killed or captured so they could be bred in captivity for the sole reason of being slaughtered to harvest the pure titanium of their scales and bones.

For centuries this cruel practice took place even when the Cron went out to space they kept at it as there was no easier way to refine titanium than feed the Bellarun the titanium rich plants of their home planet. However events had it than the Cron were never the best of doctors and when they encountered a new virus on a neighbouring planet and took it home their population slowly waned away until they were gone. It would not be until 2200 years later than the Bellarun would find out about this when they now fully intelligent builded their society and found the traces of the Cron. The cruelty was a shock to them to think that their kin had been through that was hard to believe, but the Cron databanks were well constructed and when more and more were found the truth couldn’t be denied. It was with this knowledge that the Bellarun knew that they had to protect themselves.

So a peaceful society was born were everything that was done was done to an art and with care. That is also what makes Karool a strong tourist attraction in present day times, the architecture of the Bellarun is full of flowing forms and shapes and strong colours making it to many a mystical place to visit. The Bellarun themselves are more than happy to welcome anyone who brings them no harm and art remains the largest export of Bellarun were ships of raw material arrive and leave filled with pieces of art may it be a statue or an new engine to the Bellarun there is art in anything they make. It was however a dark day that made them become a part of the Federation, the scars of the Dominion war are still being healed and repaired to this day on Karool, for the Bellarun made sure that no one who would do harm would set foot on their planet, but the bombardments from space still took a heavy toll with casualties in the hundreds of millions. It had reinforced once more the need to defend themselves and ever since joining the Federation Bellaruns have signed up to serve in starfleet.


Ryel grew up in times of peace and great prosperity, her fathers brews were widely sought after meaning that her family was always ensured of safety and food. Living on the edge of a first generation town things were quiet away from the modern older generation cities which were the places where most the tourists spend their times and the trade was conducted. She was raised traditionally and hence was thought to defend herself before she was schooled in history, their languages and mathematics. Her father took care to teach her chemistry and her mother added her knowledge of physics thought it was limited. Without a school system that thought more than the basics young Bellarun find a craft that intrigues them and find a master in need of an apprentice much like on old Earth.

Ryel found herself interested in the fine art of the blades and their forging. Bellarun blades are made out a complex alloy of which some components are only found on their homeworld. Though even Bellarun blades could be found in different quality Ryel had found a home with a highly regarded blade master and she spend many years under his care starting by doing only the most basic of things and household chores and slowly growing in her craft being allowed to do more and more. It took her 12 years before she was granted the honour of crafting her first blade a process that took 6 months from selecting the right ingots to the final polish and crafting of the handle and sheath. Humans who have observed the process compare it to the making of the Katana in the traditional way which is still done on Earth.

For 12 more years Ryel perfected her craft forging about 3 blades every 2 years, each better than the previous until she finally crafted her masters blade to mark her as a blade master in both the crafting and use of the blade. She crafted 4 more blades on her home soil before she bade her master and teacher farewell, now of the age of maturity she wanted to see things from a different perspective and with the master title she was allowed to do so by her customs. She left for Earth curious about the tales of these blades named Katana’s she traveled to Japan and sought out those who crafted them. 1 Master allowed her to witness his craft and she did for a year she observed and by nature helped him in the craft that was so similar to hers. She was amazed by the quality of the blades her forged from this weak metal iron something the Bellarun never considered suitable for arms. In the end she showed him her own blade having earned his respect by helping out they talked about their crafts and then the master asked her to forge a blade from iron and she did and to this day that blade hangs in her office below her own master’s blade.

However after these events she went again and thought about her trip to earth through the beauty that was the universe. However she knew it was time to head home again, the Bellarun didn’t have much of a space going force outside of a few short range patrol ships and a rare few of their own trade vessels. When she arrived home she learned that her teacher had passed away, she knew that he had been old even for her own kin, but still the news was sad. She went to his old workplace to find it silent and cold, the master’s students had found other places. She looked at it for hours just standing still in thought, it was old and worn the art that once decorated every wall was all but faded and yet that on its own turned it into a form of art. Knowing her art and what she had learned on Earth she opened his workplace again and started crafting her blades alone at first, but slowly taking on apprentices. 6 years she worked in peace teaching her craft to a new generation before the Bellaruns would face a real war for the first time in their history.

The Dominion saw the Bellaruns as an easy target and a strategic location between the Federation and the Romulans. However their invasion was swiftly halted as the Bellaruns were more than capable of fighting on the ground, but their few ships were swatted from the skies in minutes unable to do anything against the massive dominion fleet. Bombardments soon followed targeting the major cities and hubs as more troops were sent to the ground. Ryel her town soon to came under attack, realising that their foes could vanish from sight the Bellaruns deployed dampening fields to force them to at least come close and up close a Jem’hadar soldier is no match for a Bellarun even if he has the surprise, their edged weapons did hurt and bruise and even cut ryel between her scales, but nothing was fatal, but her ever swing of both her blades claimed a life. The once peaceful town turned into a slaughterhouse, but ultimately the Dominion retreated. With both the Federation and Romulans moving in there was no sense in them trying to claim Karool, but what they left behind were cities in ruin and hundreds of millions death, a quarter of Bellarun population died in the matter of weeks.

In the aftermath of the war the Bellarun applied and were granted entry into the Federation in just 2 months time, they always had been on great terms and the Federation needed allies especially when those allies made high grade components for starships. For Ryel the choice had been made simple the war had left the workplace in ruins and despite their resilience 2 of her apprentices death. As much as she loved her craft she now had the chance to explore the greatest piece of art she knew the universe and she signed up for starfleet in 2375. She passed her entry exams after studying long and hard on much of the unknown material to her and would continue to study hard through her 4 years at the academy lacking a lot of the basic knowledge of many of the other students she had a lot to catch up to, but she made in the end with flying colours showing her ability to absorb knowledge.

Her first assignment as assistant chief security officer onboard the USS Mirage an Akira class vessel. Thier job was to aid Cardassia in rebuilding from the war, it was a bitter pill to take knowing that they had both been the cause and the victims of the same Dominion which caused so much death and pain on her own home world. However when she saw the ruins of Cardassia she knew that their task was just and that rebuilding was badly needed. For 2 years they sailed up and down with a fighter deck packed with goods instead of fighters. What she didn’t understand were the riots in places, which put her and the department at much stress to make sure the goods ended up in the right hands despite sometimes heartbreaking scenes. Her calm and controlled way of dealing with her work made her a prime candidate for a rapid promotion to fill the ranks of Starfleet after the war and with 2 years of service she was promoted to full lieutenant.

With the promotion also came a transfer to the USS Sovereign fresh out of the doc after refits and repairs she was tasked with the job that allured the most to Ryel exploration. With her new duties as chief security and tactical officer she had a lot of responsibilities from keeping the crew in line to providing security on diplomatic missions. Their mission focussed on expanding the Federation’s knowledge on her home quadrant the alpha quadrant of which they after all had only explored a tiny fraction still. The mission was long one with 3 years out in space boredom was a bigger danger to many of the crew than anything else. Even to Ryel the same daily routine and star streaks lost their charm after time was floating by. However patience was a craft she had learned long ago and the holodecks where capable of providing her with the furnace to craft her blades in which she would than finish off in her quarters in her free time over the many months.

When the Sovereign returned her continuous performance and way of working had her lined up more firmly on fast track. Still she would serve for 1 more year on the Sovereign as it spend its time visiting potential new candidates to join the Federation. After this year however she got her promotion to lt commander following her completion of the command courses and her new assigned as the first officer onboard the USS Tromp a Prometheus class vessel. A whole new ship and crew with a much different mission statement the pirate interdiction and border patrols where something else and made for a more varied job between dull moments and action filled moments. As the first officer her workload had increased substantially with running double shifts most of the time specially in the first year did take a toll on her, but she had long ago learned that good things came when one put in the effort so she kept at it. The captain Julian Carmour was pleased with his firt officer and send her out often enough when they had to do a boarding operation knowing that despite her size people didn’t seem to like the idea of pissing her off.
As she grew into her role the years slowly passed by and the crew of the Tromp formed a solid bond seeing very few transfer the ship was a well oiled machine and it showed whenever there was a crisis to deal with. The captain also made use of the ships ability to split up for none combat reasons, often they would sail in a wide formation to better cover an area though at slower speeds. It meant that Ryel was at weeks in a row in command of her small ship in the flotilla. As the years passed though she got more free time of her own and went back to her blades in her free time to make sure she kept her skills. 3 years into their journey she gifted one of them to her captain as a token of appreciation for his teachings as he spend a lot of time training his XO. In the end though it where 6 years of basic deployment with plenty of combat and other tense situations thrown in. Until 1 fateful day when the ship was let into a ambush of Romulan forces, split up already the captains segment was attacked by a pair of Romulan warbirds, by the time Ryel arrived with the other two segments they just could see the explosion that marked the demise of the top segment and with it their captain who had stayed behind to cover the evacuation of his crew. Ryel engaged the Romulans calling in for aid, but the Romulans fought only briefly before retreating. Search and rescue operations started, but 73 casualties had to be reported including Captain Julian Carmour.
In the aftermath Ryel combined the two remaining parts of the ship and with the crew they had rescued they bode one last farewell before heading to the Jupiter shipyards by orders of Starfleet command.

Medical record:

2375: Cadet passed entry exams with ease, her species is quite an interesting one, though I find their metabolism specially interesting it is highly efficient and quick and specially filters out the high titanium content of their food to replace damage scales with, but only when needed to keep their internal levels up.
2376: Cadet passed medical evaluation, did order more rest though it seems that she spend a lot of time catching up.
2377: Cadet passed medical evaluation.
2378: June, minor injury during an emergency exercises, scales on the top left arm show damaged, but should regrow. Cadet passed medical evaluation, given some titanium supplements to compensate for the damaged scales in an minor accidents a few weeks prior.
2379: Lt jg has passed her yearly evaluation, nothing else to report.
2380: Lt jg has passed her yearly evaluation.
2381: March, Lt came in with burn marks on her right hand, treated it best I could, but the scales will have to re-grow according to her own statement. Lt passed medical evaluation.
2382: Lt passed medical evaluation
2383: Lt passed medical evaluation though requested titanium supplements which where granted.
2384: November, lt came down with a form of flu it seems it has mutated to affect her species, formulated a cure and send the data to command. Lt passed medical evaluation.
2385: An interesting species this, oddly similar and yet very different, though the lt commander kindly declined detailed studies.
2386: Was interesting to see her again, resilient species she doesn’t show up in sickbay unless it is needed, but on the other hand I guess I should not complain specially with the jobs she is doing.
2387: July, the commander was rushed into sickbay after taking 3 disruptor bolts death center, had to stabilise her as she was going into shock. Contacted medical at HQ to get some more information and with the remote aid we were able to get her back to the land of living, but I am keeping her under medical care for a few weeks to fully recover. Seen her again for a check up, wound have healed well and the scales have most regrown.
2388: In full health again the commander this time was willing to sit down a bit longer for me to check out a few extra things, think she did it as a return of a favour.
2389: I guess Klingons and Bellarun don’t mix to well the commander seemingly had an encounter during a boarding operation with edged weapons. Though no serious harm was done she carried plenty of bruises beneath those scales and some shallow cuts, luckily she was just do for a check up anyway so I guess we hit 2 birds with 1 stone.
2390: Nothing special she seems to be better taking care now.
2391: The ship took a beating in the battle, but physically she is in good shape despite being tossed around a bit, I told her to next time stay seated.

Psychological record:

2375: Spoken to applicant was an interesting conversation her age and experiences will make for a unique sample in classes. The war does seem to have left some marks though, mainly just a lack of understanding for such actions.
2376: Cadet is spending a lot of time in the books due her background I can understand a lack of knowledge in many of the subjects, but advised her to seek out some past time activities to.
2377: Cadet is doing well, still learning a lot, but surprisingly well fitting in, I guess it helps that her species doesn’t show age so there is no instant disconnect and she seems honestly interested in people.
2378: Cadet is showing some strong command skills her attitude and way of working have the same sort of aura as one gets from talking to captain, I guess her age does play a part unlike most cadets she already has had quite a life before this.
2379: This lt is certainly an interesting character, though she seems to be rather demanding about even the smallest things I been trying to explain that there is no need for that and it turns people away from her a complaint she has as she feels somewhat lonely.
2380: It seems my words have found fertile ground talking to her this year I can see the signs of any good officer, the ability to adapt and fit into the complex entity that is starfleet.
2381: This lt is an interesting character the look on the universe is different from most species I have had a chance to talk to, I believe that it will serve her well on the nature of this mission.
2382: Had a few talks with the lt and hence no official evaluation this year, was more of a case of interest in each other’s crafts as she stated, she even offered me one of her blades, but I am not the best around weapons so I politely declined.
2383: Again spoke to the lt a lot during the trip and I also seen others come to her to talk, she has a great talent to listen when she is working on her crafts it helps people so I am pleased.
2384: I will miss the lt she has been one of the few people that truly enjoyed talking to me, still again her performance has shown her stable mental state and I see no issue with her getting a command function.
2385: I declare the commander mentally fit for her duties.
2386: The commander has shown to be a highly stable individual, though she does not accept anything less than perfection in work done and it seems to cause frustration. I assume it perhaps a sign of a bit of stress.
2387: Despite the serious injuries sustained 3 months ago the commander remains steady in her role and the reduced workload has had a positive effect on her and those around her.
2388: It is clear that the commander has become a part of the crew now you can notice it in the interactions of people with her and also simply the way she carrier herself has shown signs of change to a more easy going nature.
2389: It is unclear what exactly happened, but statements said that the command lost her normal composure when the Klingons of the freighter there inspecting threatened the away team. I doubt we will known exactly what happened there, the commander simply states that she acted in the defence of her crew. The one thing I did see though was a flash of deep pain when we talked about it, not sure where it came from, when I tried to find out I couldn’t get through.
2390: Things have pretty much returned to normal now it doesn’t seem as if last year’s effect had a lasting effect on the commander.
2391: It is never easily to lose a captain a good part of the crew and it is clear that it has hurt the commander, she however remains steady at her job she puts the needs of the many first bringing the ship home. Command asked me about advise and I see no issues with her in the long run all the signs shown here are normal signs of grief.

Service record:

2375: Starfleet academy, cadet
2376: Starfleet academy, cadet
2377: Starfleet academy, cadet
2378: Starfleet academy, cadet
2379: USS Mirage, ACSO, Lt Jg.
2380: USS Mirage, ACSO, Lt Jg.
2381: USS Sovereign, CS&TO, Lt.
2382: USS Sovereign, CS&TO, Lt.
2383: USS Sovereign, CS&TO, Lt.
2384: USS Sovereign, CS&TO, Lt.
2385: USS Tromp, XO, Lt Commander
2386: USS Tromp, XO, Lt Commander
2387: USS Tromp, XO, Lt Commander
2388: USS Tromp, XO, Lt Commander
2389: USS Tromp, XO, Lt Commander
2390: USS Tromp, XO, Lt Commander


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