[On Duty] Chiyo Hoshiko ちよほしこ [On Duty]

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[On Duty] Chiyo Hoshiko ちよほしこ [On Duty]

Post by Chiyeko » Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:06 pm

Name: Chiyo Hoshiko ちよほしこ
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Hair: Arctic White
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height: 1.75M
Weight: 62Kg

Physical description:

Moving as air is how to best describe Hoshiko she moves so light on her feet not making a noise as she seems to float instead of walk on the cold deck plating. Her slender build hides the strength that she wields, not in the form of raw and brute power, but in speed, precision and near perfect control of her muscles. As graceful hence as she looks as lethal she can be or as precise she can be around her instruments of science.

Her face shows her relative youth still, a post Dominion war recruit the horrors of that war where just distant news broadcasts. The horrors that she did experience do not show either, it all adds to the image she carries with such grace.

Her eyes rest in a deep peace in that same face, ice blue of color they look even colder in her face than they are and her long Arctic white hair only supplements them. Her voice is a bit dreamy and surprisingly low in tone, hidden in those tones is a voice that can shout with strength and relay orders if the need is there.


Hoshiko has a strict of discipline in her everyday life, living to the max and always ready for what is to come. Her training from child on has been focused on the ability to go through life without the need for fear as she was prepared for what is to come. She can come over harsh and demanding to others because she has always been raised to life to a high standard she expects much the same from others.

On duty she is committed to it and will always try to succeed and do the right thing. She does not believe that a poor order has to be followed if there are serious enough consequences, she however will not protest and instead letting her actions speak. She expects that her people commit to their tasks as well as she does and though this can create tension the end results are clear and she knows that sometimes being harsh at first pays off.

Off duty she spends a lot of time training mostly alone, but sometimes in the public gym. At times she visits the social areas, but mostly taking a seat in a corner and watching. It sure doesn't help for her to become a easy to talk to person which can be a shame as she is more than willing to sit down and chat with people as stories of life are a great source of knowledge and she shares them as easily as she listens to them.


+Strong her her build.
+Highly agile
+Very fast reaction speed
-Can be to demanding from others, expecting them to be like her.
-Hard to approach


Her life is still at a flux and not yet on a steady path to the future, this means that she has not truly set out strong solid goals for herself outside of excelling in what she does at any given moment. Some however who watch her more closely can see that she has some dreams of command.


She enjoys training a lot in martial arts having taken to Desillag'ord from child on, its focus on speed and precision as well as the inclusion of smaller bladed weapons was something she enjoyed. She is also a active archer owning a hand crafted compound bow she practices at least 3 times a week.

When she in in need of a more relaxing time she often sits down to draw with simple charcoal and paper she makes portraits and scenes that come up in her mind and sometimes she draws a portrait of other people.


Father: Chiyo Minoru
Mother: Chiyo Michi
Other family:


Born and raised in her early childhood on Hokkaido. Her parents run a small restaurant on the coast line away from the hectic of life that was the Federation. Growing up there she spend her time mostly alone and hence swiftly got into the teachings of martial arts on her parents pressure. She enjoyed it only a little despite the fact that she was great at it. Over the years she kept up the mist however around her real love, electronics sensors readings, experimenting. She was always working on something making use of the long hours that her parents where working to create all sorts of devices.

When she reached the age of 12 she left her parents home and headed for Tokyo to go to school there. It was a whole different world for the little girl from the small village, but she knew it was a world that suited her more. School itself was amazing the amount of things she could do and try, the physics, the science it took her in completely. When she was not at school she kept training in martial arts though this time from a master in a form that was not native to her Desillag'ord, it was however amazing and for the first time she felt more like doing it. The downside of her life however was that social contacts where more limited and as she grew older despite her looking great she found little time for companions unlike many of her fellow students. She was the strange student, a nerd a geek and yet so strong and graceful, as hard to catch as the air itself.

Graduating top of her class she knew her path and for the first time her father told her that he had know from the day she was born that she would take that path. He told her that she was born under the night sky and the first thin she did was pointing at different stars in the skies. It was a great feeling for Hoshiko and she took that to her entry exam to join the prestigious Starfleet Academy. Like her student times she passed it with ease, somehow it held little secrets for her and soon she was standing on the famous grounds of the Academy in San Fransisco surrounded by many hopefuls she knew that her life was beginning there for real.

The Academy proved to be a wealth of experience she enjoyed every moment of all that was laying there waiting for her to learn and experience. She swiftly became a favorite of the teachers, not so much of the students though as even though she was found in plenty of clubs and bars she never really connected with a lot of people outside of a small circle of friends. Her scores through the years only improved as she more and more got the hang of things and tried her own ways to get to solutions to problems. Despite being clearly on the science track she took a shot at the infamous Kobayashi Maru, stating that she was curious how the scenario would work and also curious about how she would react. Using her smarts from science and discipline from martial arts training she managed to force the simulation into an overdrive before finally being defeated. When she was asked why she put up so much resistance despite taking the action to violate a treaty she replied simply, “If you start a war, you might as well do it in a way that is remembered in history.” 3 months later she would graduate top of her class and left the academy with prestigious rank of Lt jg.

She joined the USS Kyoto as a science officer. The nebula class vessel specialized in spacial anomalies in the form of identifying and mapping them in great detail. Away missions with shuttles where common to penetrate anomalies without putting the ship itself at risk and her ingenuity was a trait often exploited by her senior officers. She loved her work day in and out the details of the universe where immense and having the time to study them in detail was amazing. She often worked with engineering and operations to fabricate specialist equipment when it was needed and overall her on the job cooperation and communication skills put her on the radar for senior positions.

2 years into her service she made it to assistant chief science officer with the rank of full lieutenant, it meant a nice step up for her. With her new rank and position came a whole different job though from being more of a lab rat she was now truly looked at to lead and take charge. Leading by example and strong discipline she swiftly became a feared officer, some even said she was abusing her power, but those who know the reality knew that all she was being demanding and not accepting it if people just didn't put their hearth into their job. It was hence that the first year was certainly not easy on her, but she learned and grew and once she had more firm footing and a reputation she let go just a little trying to find the right spot for her to be in when she was on duty and in charge.

As hard as the first year was the second year came easy, well that was until November 2390 when the USS Kyoto encountered Kobayashi Maru. The case could have been copied and pasted straight into the simulator at the academy as the USS Kyoto responded to an distress call of a colony ship drifting into Romulan space which was also contested by the Klingons. Knowing the risks Captain Ryuu ordered the Kyoto to pursue the colony ship to help the defenseless civilians onboard despite it not being a Federation sanctioned colony ship. Hoshiko prepared a small science team to board the colony ship with a few teams of engineers and medical staff, but that mission never took place, drifting into an unlucky ambush which some Romulan faction had set up for the Klingons the colony ship was destroyed minutes before the Kyoto arrived. The captain ordered the ship around and make a run back to Federation space, but the Romulans would have no such thing and 2 hours of battle at warp speeds and the USS Kyoto met her demise as her wreckage crossed the Federation boarder drifting into the waiting starfleet ships which had just arrived. Rescue operations where though most of the Kyoto had been turned to scrap and only a few areas where still capable of sustaining life, including some of the science laboratories where Hoshiko was using her combat medic skills to save as many people as she could before rescue teams finally reached them.

Now with half a year past spend on recovery and debriefings and just being kept away from the press, Hoshiko is ready to go back to duty, cleared on all fronts and having experienced the one scenario that no one had hoped to face she was ready to go out there again. She would not be held back by fear, she simply knew that being prepared at all times paid off even though people had died in her hands, she knew more would have had she not been ready.

Medical record:

2383: Cadet has passed her entry examination.
2384: Cadet came in half way through the year with a few broken bones in her left hand, these where treated with success. Cadet has passed her medical evaluation, no sighs of the previous fractures found.
2385: Cadet has passed her medical evaluation.
2386: Sometimes it are the small things, the cadet was brought in in January, she slipped for some reason on the top of the stairs, quite bruised, 3 broken ribs and a broken lower right arm topped off with a concussion. All of these where treated with success and she has been put under medical watch for the next 3 months. Cadet passed her medical evaluation, seems she has recovered properly from her slip up.
2387: Healthy and strong I cannot find anything I should be concerned about in the lt.
2388: Passed the yearly check up, nothing to report
2389: Came down with some sort of radiation poisoning during an experiments, not sure how or what, but the normal meds seems to be working fine, keeping her for observation for a few days.
2390: She came in with a few cuts and several fractures in her left hand, she refused to state where they came from, repeating that she had a accident when training. I treated the wounds and she recovered swiftly.
2391: While the times she has been through where harsh mentally it tends to show physically to, but she seems to be in great shape and condition, clearly she has a strong discipline.

Psychological record:

2383: Cadet seems a bit withdrawn and distanced at times, but in reality I think her focus is elsewhere with all that is yet to come and that is nothing unusual for brand new cadets, so I see no reason to prevent her from joining the academy.
2384: Cadet is doing fine in hers studies, social contact remains difficult, but nothing to concerning.
2385: She came to me once half way through the year asking a bunch of questions that give me good hope.
2386: If you screw up, make sure it is done in an epic way or so she seems to put it, though I know a bit of bragging when I see it, still I was impressed by her performance seeing she is not exactly considered command material right now at the academy.
2387: The lt is an interesting character like everyone is, her background and training at time can give her an almost Vulcan outlook in the answers to some questions. Still there is no denying that below the surface rest a whole lot more than can be seen so swiftly.
2388: Strong discipline and a love to find out things and yet she seems to hate being taken out of her train of thought, even as we speak she can react snappy. Not sure why it is, but perhaps a few more talks can help out.
2389: She clearly has a hard time with her new role, being an officer is one thing, but being truly put on the pedestal of being in charge is an other and she stated clearly that she finds it difficult to find a balance. Told her that she has to understand that everyone is different in how they do things and act and that despite this results are prone to still be good. She stated that she would take it into consideration.
2390: Clearly she is doing better these days, she seems to have settled in better in her role and the XO also noticed this stating that instead of quite a few complaints he had gotten more compliments now. I can see why because she is more relaxed it seems, she still states that she demands a lot, but she demands results not a way of living by her own words.
2391: It must have been a experience from hell if such a thing would exist what this lit has been through and yet when I talk to her, it seems to be nothing special, it has happened and passed and now the future awaits. I talked with her for a long time, but I truly cannot find a flaw in her behavior or character that would let me hold her reintegration into service back, in fact I believe she is more capable and ready than most other officers that just pass through my office on reassignments.

Service record:

2383: Cadet Starfleet academy.
2384: Cadet Starfleet academy.
2385: Cadet Starfleet academy.
2386: Cadet Starfleet academy.
2387: Lt jg, USS Kyoto, Science officer.
2388: Lt jg. USS Kyoto, Science officer.
2389: lieutenant USS Kyoto, Assistant Chief science officer.
2390: lieutenant USS Kyoto, Assistant Chief science officer.
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Re: Chiyo Hoshiko ちよほしこ

Post by Chiyeko » Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:37 pm

This character is available again, her last assignment didn't work out.

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Re: [On Duty] Chiyo Hoshiko ちよほしこ [On Duty]

Post by Moesha V'tani » Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:40 pm

Hey if you wish to check out Starbase Zeta, your most welcome, we are exploring the planet we crashed on and then surveying the Taurus Dark Cloud.


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Re: [On Duty] Chiyo Hoshiko ちよほしこ [On Duty]

Post by JasmineSomers » Mon Mar 02, 2015 7:10 pm

If you are interested I can fit you in on the Tomcat as Assistant Chief Science Officer, possibly as CSO, would need to speak to my XO who has a dual duty of XO/CSO, but ACSO is open at your current rank of full Lieutenant. The Tomcat Sim is currently finishing its current mission on PBF, but will be moving to PBeM for its next mission.

These are our forums: http://z10.invisionfree.com/USSTomcatrpg/index.php Mainly for registering character and a copy of your character BIO.

This is our Info Site: http://usstomcatncc62114.webs.com/ Just your basic info site.

This is our Mission Logs site: https://sites.google.com/site/usstomcatfrontpage/ This is where all collated missions go, also contains an AoO map for the Tomcat too.

But if you have already chosen a sim, please let other simm Commanders know.


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Re: [On Duty] Chiyo Hoshiko ちよほしこ [On Duty]

Post by Chiyeko » Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:05 pm

I thought 2 large [On Duty] tags would be clear enough :)


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