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Post by Chiyeko » Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:59 pm

For something a little different this time around I have a civilian contractor, not something from the normal play book and not something from my normal character line up. However I believe she is quite interesting and a character that can develop and grow still and offer an unique perspective on things.

Myself I am looking at a decently active sim and with that I mean that a JP gets updated by at least some one roughly daily. I don't need hundreds of post, but I like to keep a story rolling. I am looking for a ship, no station or colony and a nova (or if still around SMS2) based sim, I prefer the ease of use and systems in place for those. Duty wise it is a bit of whatever is needed, but focus would be on engineering, operations and security related tasks.

Name: Jaine Killian
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey-Brown
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 70Kg

Physical description:

She doesn't exactly stand out by features, but there is always this feeling when looking at her, a mixture of sadness, coldness and resistance. The way she stands, she walks and even just how she sits it is clear that she is a complex one and that stands out more than her physical features.

Flat back hair, an even face, grey-brown eyes that show her emotions so well and the never seemingly missing combination of a tank top, combat vest and simple loose trousers. When she goes outside a long trench coat covers most of it along with a pair of light shades.


There is a lot in her past and it shows always, a smile is not something that finds its way to her face ever. It is this ever present sadness, resilience and sometimes ice cold nature that makes up a complex person which is as easy to read on the surface as she is closed off completely below it. Still nothing seems to hold her back from doing her job, no matter how crazy the situation she remains the same. Her emotions are her focus point her guiding star that makes all else simply seem irrelevant.


A colony kid she was the first generation born and raised on Junal IV a colony on the edge of Federation space. Not a whole lot to be experienced, first wave colonist had harsh lives working to make a planet work for them. The large M-class planet at 1.2 Earth Gravities was however a lush world with plenty of resources, still for Jaine it was a rather dull place to grow up on with just a few other kids being home schooled over subspace. Whenever she was not studying or messing about she was helping out, swiftly learning to become quite handy. As she grew up she became a bit distanced still helping out, but she also spend more time in the woods and fields, at times being gone for weeks something her parents simply learned to deal with.

By the time she was 15 years old she was leading expeditions as in the end there was no better way to map terrain than on the ground. Handling stuff above her age was a marking on growing up on the colony world, there simply was not that much time to be the full on teenager or kid. 2 Years later things changed forever, the dominion realized that Junal was a price world and nothing would stop them from simply taking it. Away on expedition into the nearby mountain range, the last things Jaine heard from her parents and friends where screams and cries for mercy and help. Within an hour the colony was wiped out with just a few dozen survivors which fled into the mountains not knowing at the time that natural mineral deposits made those mountains impervious to scans.

For 3 months driven by a desire for vengeance Jaine made strikes against the dominion, using hunting rifles and improvised traps, they were pointless, but nonetheless they kept at it. By time starfleet managed to mount a stealthy rescue only 31 colonist were alive and only 16 made it out as the other shuttle was shot down. Still Jaine found herself aboard a star ship for the first time in her live. USS Vanguard an old excelsior refit pulled from the mothball fleets for the war, she ran on pretty much a skeleton crew and those capable were kindly asked to help out. So Jaine did, still a handy person she helped out with repairs under the instructions of the ships engineers. She didn't speak about her family or the colony at all, she was simply working nearly all the time. Slowly the Vanguard started to resemble more of a ship as she roomed in the quiet places of the war-zones trying to help out where she could. They knew that if anything serious would happen they be without much chance, but the crew from many different places all has their reasons to try anyway.

The Vanguard never joined the main fray of the war, she kept on the side lines doing what she could, rescuing those in need and making small strikes where she could. Still she managed to slowly grow a reputation a starfleet ship with mostly civilians onboard nearly none with any official training and yet they kept at it. By the end of the war she had earned 6 battle stars, was credited with the successful rescue of over 2437 civilians, the destruction of 17 small outposts and the destruction of 4 Dominion, 2 Cardassian and 1 breen ship. However her fate was sealed, 2 weeks after the war ended she was struck from the records and send to be scrapped, too old to beaten to be worth repairing and upgrading.

Unlike most civilians which went to pick up their lives heading back home or ever officially joining starfleet, Jaine just kept tagging along as a civilian contractor she found her way within the fleet joining the crew of the USS Osaka an Akira class cruiser. Dependable as always she was an asset wherever she was needed, but never truly managed to fit in with the full starfleet crew, still for nearly 4 years she stayed onboard showing her well earned reputation for getting the job done and working as long as is needed. However when she was contacted by some of the former Vanguard crew to join them onboard the USS Mirage an fully upgraded Excelsior refit she took the offer with both hands.

The Mirage had become a home to many who lost a lot during the war, but also people who in general where just hard working people who wanted to do a good job. Few ships in the fleet were running as clean and smooth as the mirage because of it, working 12 hours was normal. As the years went by though people started to enjoy life a bit more memories where fading and the future was looking bright even for Jaine though she wouldn't admit it. Because of their habit of working long days and lacking fancy onboard recreation facilities like holodecks the shore leaves where a little more wild. The missions of the Mirage where a mixed bag from cruising the outerworlds rendering assistance and dealing with pirate threats to working with the academy showing how a ships should look like.

However all good things come to an end and even with the best of care the Mirage was well over a 100 years old and her hull was simply no longer serviceable. After 12 years of service onboard the Mirage she was taken from the register and donated as a museum ship to be brought back to her original looks and specifications. The mirage crew found themselves reassigned across the board, but Jaine was in an odd spot, a civilian still she had to find her own place once more.

Service record:

2373-2375 USS Vanguard, Civilian contractor
2375-2379 USS Osaka, Civilian contractor
2379-2391 USS Mirage, Civilian contractor

Few pictures by link to avoid huge post:

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Re: Civilian contractor looking for a nova ship

Post by Mike » Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:47 pm

Looks like a really cool concept for a character! Unfortunately the Farragut's a bit 'out of time' for her but I hope you find the right fit. :)

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Re: Civilian contractor looking for a nova ship

Post by Treymiar » Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:26 am

Sounds Perfect for Starbase 332.

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Re: Civilian contractor looking for a nova ship

Post by Chiyeko » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:26 pm

Thanks :)

I will keep the starbase offer in mind, but I would prefer a ship as civilians on starbases are far more common and it takes away from the angles a bit I believe.

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Re: *assigned*

Post by Joshua » Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:57 am

Wow the concept is very cool and very different.

USS Victory may be tempted to take on a Contractor........Hmmmmmmm *ponders for a second*.
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