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New Player Seeking Ships Engineer Post

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:20 pm
by Dan
Hi All
First time player to Pegasus Fleet looking for any rating simm from 13+ up, established simm or new simm in any play format. Seeking a chief engineer position or assistant chief engineer position for a starship simm. Please see bio below with two example posts, the second post being a sort of in character species explanation.

First Name
Zero One One & One Zero One
Species: Bynar
Age: 19
Height: 4.7ft
Weight: 12 stone
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Grey, flecked with Blue
Physical Description: Both Bynars have dark lilac skin and enlarged skulls. Their most definitive characteristic is that they are interconnected with a master computer on Bynaus through a cybernetic implant that can be seen on the sides of their craniums.

Spouse: Zero One One & One Zero One were genetically bonded to each other for life in their early years.

Children: None
Father: One One Zero
Mother: One One Zero Zero
Brother(s) Zero One One has two brothers
Sister(s) One Zero One has a sister
General Overview: This Bynar pair are just coming into their element as specialists in their field. But are naive to a galaxy they have not yet really explored.
Strengths & Weaknesses
The Bynars high adaptability to technology and computers mean that they can access most computer systems across the galaxy. The ability to conduct electrical pulses with their bodies, and withstand most environments that humans or other humanoid species cant make them invaluable in the field of warp engineering.

Both Bynars are entirely integrated into their planet's computer network.

Both have strong feelings of isolation, they feel they are outsiders around other federations species due to their unique form of cybernetic implants. Neither Bynar has much in the way of ‘people skills’

When speaking verbally in English they can be a hard to understand due to the speed of their speech. The Bynar species are physically weaker than most other humanoid sentients.

Ambitions: As a whole their ambitions are the same. Each Bynar wants to develop their life experiences and gain a greater understanding of the ways of the galaxy. For two small aliens in a large galaxy, this is not as easy as it sounds

Hobbies & Interests: A keen interest in the sciences and mechanical engineering. They seek to understand alien cultures so as to better understand the social interaction of different species in the galaxy. For both Bynars this comes down to gossiping....a lot.

Personal History: Born on Bynaus or 101100010100110 as it is better known to its inhabitants, Zero One One and One Zero One were genetically bonded later than is commonly custom in Bynar society. Zero One One suffered a genetic abnormality when he was born and needed a series of operations on his brain before he could be implanted. One Zero One, was born off world and was not implanted until her return. This means both Bynars share memories of a time before they were linked to their planets main computer through their implants.

At a very young age both Bynars moved to Memory Alpha as their consecutive parents made up part of a computer upgrade and reprogramming task force to the Federations biggest Computer. This project was ongoing for many years so Both Zero One One and One Zero One grew up on Memory Alpha though they did visit Bynaus on family vacations and holidays.

Growing up on Memory Alpha gave the two young Bynars the unique opportunity to accesses a vast repository of knowledge through their growing computer skills, this allowed them to develop their own knowledge of the galaxy but it was still a galaxy they had never really seen as they had only ever travelled between Bynaus and Memory Alpha. They had always been fascinated by stories of adventure and the galaxy from visiting travellers to Memory Alpha but had never actually seen any of it for themselves, so when they came of age they signed up to Starfleet Academy to see the wonders of the universe for themselves..

Sample Post 1:
The Cadet instructor stood in the centre of the holodeck, looking down at the two cadets in their grey uniforms. Looking back up at him where two short lilac skinned Bynars, they smiled at the instructor enthusiastically. The instructor groaned internally, these second year students had lost nerves and the worry of the first year and replaced it with confidence and enthusiasm of their second year. It was time to knock them down a notch.
“Ok Cadets Antimatter containment one oh one” he clicked his fingers “go!”
Both Cadets started talking very vast in a series of one’s zeros and what sounded blips. The instructor stopped them by raising his hand “In English”
Zero One One spoke first, perhaps a little to quickly “Antimatter containment is achieved through the use of magnetic fields, which guide and direct the antimatter through the antimatter engine to injector coils, which precisely compresses and streams the antimatter into the form which enters the dilithium articulation frame.....”

One Zero One quickly picked up were her partner left off, for a brief moment it sounded like they were talking as one “Deuterium, stored in the ship or attracted by the Bussard collectors, is funnelled in a stream from the opposite deuterium injector.”
Both looked at each other and nodded in satisfaction then back at the instructor who staired back expecting more. One Zero One continued to speak “The molecules enter the lattice matrix of the crystallized dilithium, reacting within it and releasing a tuned energy stream in the form of electro-plasma, a highly energetic form of plasma.”
Then Zero One One continued to talk finishing the other sentence “electro-plasma is carried by magnetic plasma conduits throughout the power transfer system. In the Federation power transfer grid, this is the electro-plasma distribution network, comprises of EPS conduits and EPS taps. The most energized stream created is the warp plasma.”

The instructor nodded in satisfaction “Ok then. Simulation time. You have a warp core breach but the ejector assembly is malfunctioning and you can’t eject the warp core into space. Go!” The holodeck quickly changed into a main engineering section of a galaxy class starship, red alert sirens where going off and smoke was coming from the warp core.

The two little Bynars jumped to the main computer console typing frantically on its touch screen LCARS system. The two aliens looked across the computer at each other. They where inertupted by the instructor shouting “I still want you speaking English”

One Zere One spoke first typing dextrously on the console as she did “I canReadjust the stational gateway with verterium cortenide transducers to stop the flow of plasma”

Zero One One Nodded in agreement “Then I can expel the build up of energy through the space matrix restoration coil and out through the warp field generators.”

“Computer Freeze programme” said the instructor “Well done cadets you both just failed.” Both cadets staired at the instructor dumbfounded, he explained why; “You don’t have time to do need to be on your way to an escape pod, sometimes you can’t fix something.”
Sample Post 2:
On Bynars, Bynas, and the other thing.

To: Commander Taris
Human Resources & Administration
Starfleet Academy

From: Ensign Levitt
Aid to the Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Starfleet Academy

Dear Sir

The following is the Information you requested with some additional notes. I hope this answers your query. If you have any further questions I would be happy to answer them.

It has been noted that prevalent doctors have described the Bynars and their 'Mother' computer as a benign form of the Borg collective, this is miss-demeanour. All be it that each and every Bynar with an implant is connected to the central super computer of their home world it does not direct and control them in the same way as the hive mind state of the Borg collective. Instead it consists of the minds of all those connected to it, and is used more for administration purposes, for example; running resources and welfare. As each mind is connected to this computer it conveys onto the citizens of Bynar the ability to hear the minds of other Bynar's and accesses the combined knowledge of every Bynar past and present that has ever been connected to the central mother computer.

And this leads us to the crux of the matter. Until recently we have not had to worry about such matters concerning our Bynar Starfleet Academy applicants as Earth has had no Bynar embassy on it, and as their embassies provide a 'boosting signal' for their citizens off planet to hear those linked to the computer. But now earth does have a Bynar embassy, and the signal has been boosted, and this year we have a Bynar pair applying to the academy.

During their entry exam they were monitored for possible signs of cheating, it was noted that they did make contact with the mother computer to seek an answer to the questions they were taking. This is where I find the concept of the Mother computer most fascinating, upon requesting access to the information almost instantaneously the vast majority of the population voted 'no' on ethical and moral grounds. This is virtual democracy in action, the bynars vote on everything and anything almost instantly the majority decision is then implemented by the computer, i would describe it as almost the perfect democracy system.

However I digress, I have contacted the Bynar mother computer and it has re-assured me that during their academic career here at Starfleet they will remain in communication with mother computer but no questions asked of it in regards to the academic learning will be answered, however they would provide information in the normal sense. By this (and as I understand) not only can the Bynars ask questions and get answers, but they can also 'download' information from the computer directly into their cybernetic implants. I'm not too concerned by this Sir, as when they download the information into their implants they don't know it straight away, they still have to digest and read the information much in the same way we would read a book or a Padd, and so I don't think this gives them an advantage over other students. Some difficulty might be experienced when we put them on placement however as when they get out of range of the home computers signal I understand it gets quite uncomfortable for Bynars who can no longer hear 'the voices' of their home world, that's something I will leave in your capable hands when deciding on their cadet cruise placements in the Future.

In regards to the other thing you wanted me to look into. No they are not brother and sister, at birth Bynars from different gene pools (family groups) are paired together, commonly they are paired together as boy and girl, though sometimes (rarely) it could be a same sex pairing, why I don't know. Traditionally we bunk groups of cadets together in their first year and as yet i have had no request for personal private 'bunking' rooms or ever have from Bynar cadets. I thought this warranted further investigation as I assumed they were a 'couple' that would eventually be expected to reproduce, in itself a boggling concept as they have grown up together, and I know we shouldn't apply human ethics and values to a well established alien culture but.....and the subject itself was difficult to uncover as on this subject the Bynars are fairly secretive. It wasn't until I made a formal request for this information through the federation council that I got the required answers. Bynars are artificially gestated beings, genetic material is given from both female and male of the Bynar pair and combined through artificial insemination in a libratory created wombs, essentially making them a race of 'test tube' babies not requiring 'natural' reproduction in any sense of the word. I was unable to ascertain if sex was a 'recreational' thing within Bynar culture, though apparently the incubation period is also much longer than in other species in the galaxy, totalling almost a year. From a biological perspective this is a little odd normally species with long pregnancy terms are due to the development of some sort of natural bodily defence, like the renowned strength and toughness of Klingons, but this is not the case in Bynars, indeed their bodies are surprisingly fragile, breaking easily to external impacts, however on a cellular level they are surprisingly resistant to things like radiation.

Your finale question is a little bit trickier to answer. Yes under Bynar law One Bynar pair constitutes one person so in all things they are treated equally, so if one commits a crime they are both guilty of it. But if they want to both are capable of independent thought and can act separately, though again apparently it is difficult for them to be too far away from each other, the range being that of their personal cybernetic implants.

One last note sir; I appreciate that accidents at the academy are rare and the last death was over ten years ago however i have been asked the Bynar embassy to respect the funeral rites (a contradiction in itself) of their culture if ever an 'incident' were to occur to our new Bynar cadets. Frankly they don't care what we do with the bodies, but post mortem the implants are to be returned to Bynas immediately, where the contents will be uploaded to the mother computer, no religious, cultural or funeral rites need be performed, in fact whilst researching the answers to your questions there were no indications that the Bynars have a religion only what they call the 'quest for attainment,' the eventual evolutionary/technological goal to exist without bodies in a virtual existence.

With Regards

Ensign Levitt
Aid to the Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Xeno Biology
Starfleet Academy

Re: New Player Seeking Ships Engineer Post

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:39 am
by Treymiar
Nice character dev w/ the Bobbsey Bynars.
Harby has a new (holo) CE, but the assistant CE is open.

Be sure to survey the crew roster and read the mission posts, however. We are not... normal. Yeah, understatement.


Re: New Player Seeking Ships Engineer Post

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:41 pm
by JasmineSomers
The USS Tomcat is looking for a chief engineer, the link this site is mainly for back up reason and a place to put your char bio.

The main simm site is the Tomcat sim is a slow to casual sim, if you are interested please pm me.

Also on both of those links are other links to the simms Aoo site that would be a googlesite link and the other is a data website.

Re: New Player Seeking Ships Engineer Post

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:43 pm
by Tyler
The Apollo is also looking for a CE. She's a brand new ship with only a CO just yet. I'm not sure what kind of sim I am commanding yet Take a look please :)

Commander Summers
CO; USS Apollo

Re: New Player Seeking Ships Engineer Post

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:33 pm
by JasmineSomers
You have plenty of options Dan, but when you do decide please post the name of the sim you are joining so the forum admins can lock this topic.

Good luck on the sim you choose.