Are you looking for an XO?

Have a character you've been working on, but don't know where to put them? Post here, and watch the offers come flying in!
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Are you looking for an XO?

Post by CmdrLanc » Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:40 pm

Greetings One and All.

I am a player with 17 years of simming experience.
I have played just about every position there is on a Star Trek game over the years.
Today, I am offering something I think is rather unique.

Do you absolutely hate paperwork? Do you look at Nova and wonder what dark magic created this beast? Do you hate filing reports with a passion that burns hotter than a thousand suns?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, than I am talking to you.

I have been a semi-professional webmaster since 2007. I have installed, updated, modified, rebuilt, and beaten into submission more copies of Nova (and SMS for that matter) than any sane person would want to count.

I have created my own rank insignia on more than one occasion, and even have one of them featured on the community ranks section of Kuro-RPG.

I have a lot of free time, and love to write stories.

I am not however, a "people person".

I am offering the character (bio below) to be the XO on any sim that needs one, as long as I can remain the "man behind the curtain" so to speak.

I will be a sounding board for you plot ideas.
I will be a listening ear when you need to vent.
I will be a willing scapegoat when a character needs to be kidnapped, shot, lost, eaten by the monster at the end of act two..etc.
I will gladly run and wrangle a whole gaggle of NPCs.
I will happily take the blame when you need to make an unpopular decision.
I will file your reports and handle all the paperwork you don't want to do.
I will do whatever you need doing, so long as I don't come out from behind my keyboard.

Here is the biography for the character.
Last time I played him, he was a Commander, but that is mere window dressing and can be adjusted to fit the needs of your simulation.

Character Information
Name Christopher Matthew Tennet
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance
Height 7'0"
Weight 250 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description

Christopher is a large man. He is tall, but beyond that, he is just plain big. His shoulders are broad, his chest is "barreled" and he is very physically strong. His skin is dark "olive" and his hair is long. It hangs just below his shoulders when it is worn down. To look at him, one would assume that he is not smart. He looks like he would be more fit for a "muscle" or "enforcer" assignment, but it truth, he is actually a caring person and his appearance belies a highly analytical mind.


Tevel Imarra (Bajoran, 42)

Hanson (20), Adelle (18)



Personality & Traits
General Overview

Christopher is a kind man. He hates violence, and will avoid it at almost all costs. His personal beliefs are strongly held and are at the core of his being. He honors all life, and believes that no matter how dire the situation, there is at least a chance for a peaceful resolution.

However, don't let this lead the observer to believe him weak. When pushed to the limit, or put in a situation where there is absolutely no other option, Christopher *is* a powerful man and can be a force of nature.

He is passionate about the people, causes, and things that he cares about. If his wife or children are in danger, he is the only thing in the universe more dangerous than a wounded animal.

He takes great pride in his service to Starfleet. He sees it as a calling and despises those that treat it as just a job or a "way to see the universe".
Strengths & Weaknesses


+ Kind
+ Honorable
+ Passionate about his service
+ Hard Working
+ Intelligent
+ Quick thinking


- Work-a-holic
- Perfectionist
- Has been known to try "too" hard for a peaceful solution
Hobbies & Interests

- Music
- Coffee
- Exploration
- Archaeology
- Engineering

Personal History

Christopher grew up on Luna in the Terran System. He was the only son of a Federation Diplomat and his wife. He was taught from an early age that all beings had worth, from the person of highest status, to the lowest of insects. His home was frequented by beings from all over the Federation, and he was taught not to be a "respecter of persons" and to treat all with kindness and respect. This led to many interesting conversations as a child with people whom in the outside world would never have been approached so casually, let alone by a child. He learned much from these conversations. It also allowed him to make friends of people that would, later in life, prove beneficial to him because to the world at large, they were considered "powerful" or "influential" but to him, they were just his friends.

As he grew, he began to serve in the offices of his Father, and then in the offices of others through the contact he made with his Father.

His education was non-traditional. He took all the typical academic courses, but usually via remote classrooms. He however, on his own, would often go well beyond his assignments. He grew, physically, quickly, and just as rapidly he began to feel the judgement and prejudice that came with being physically imposing. This drove him to study harder to prove that he was not a "caveman" and to gain the ability to hold an intelligent conversation on any topic with any person he happened to meet.

As a teenager, he found that he had a knack for administration and was drawn to the service field of "Operations". He create, on his own, a system that worked as well for paperwork as it did for people. When he was tasked with quartermaster type duties, he excelled. He was tasked with office management, he found that the same system worked equally as well. He simply treated personalities and skill sets as pieces of a puzzle that needed to be managed the way a cargo bay needed to be properly organized, or the way a large power grid needed to be optimized.

When he was accepted to Starfleet Academy, he chose to pursue the "Operations" field, and found it a good fit.
Service Record

He found that if he applied himself, that he could excel in his studies. He made the Commandant's list his Freshman year.

Much to the disappointment of every coach, he resisted even the strongest attempts to lure him on to one of the many sports teams the Academy fielded. Instead, he gravitated toward the mechanical and academic competitions.

In his Senior year, on a dare, he constructed a cybernetic canine that was so believable, it fooled many of the Veterinary Medicine cadets into thinking it was a real animal. It didn't have any “unique” abilities, it was just a very good approximation of a Terran canine of the “German Shepherd” breed. It's benefits were that since it was not biologic, it need not have the input or output needs of an animal. It could recharge its internal power cells by “sleeping” when its “Master” was sleeping. This made it ideal as a companion for officers stationed on small billets or on ships. The original prototype is still in operation, and has stayed with Christopher throughout his career. He gave it the name “DiOhGee”.

He graduated from Starfleet Academy, Class of 2371.

His first posting was as an Ensign, assigned as Operations Officer aboard the USS Trafalgar. He served in this post for 3 years. During this time, he struggled to adjust to the monotony of life aboard a starship. His classes taught him the specifics of his duties, but they did little to prepare him for how long a shift could be with little else to do that just monitor system displays and make the occasional repairs. 

This all changed in 2373 with the outbreak of the war with the Dominion. The Trafalgar found itself on the front lines early and often. The Trafalgar barely survived its participation in the allied invasion of Cardassia. Christopher saved the life of his Captain by shielding her with his body when a torpedo impacted the bridge. In light of his heroic actions, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and offered his choice of two new assignments, as the Trafalgar was going to be dry docked for a major retrofit.

The assignment he chose was Operations Officer on Starbase 42. He would go on to serve there for 5 years. He found the work load on the Starbase much more engaging. There was always something that needed his attention. The base was massive, and even when he wasn't on duty, there was always something for him to do to stay busy.

DiOhGee was very popular with the population on the station, and he found time to build 5 additional units in his off duty hours.

Another promotion followed his time on the Starbase, this time to full Lieutenant. He found himself reassigned again, this time as an Operations Officer aboard the USS Prometheus. His primary duties included the maintenance of the holographic emitters that were in place throughout the ship. Unfortunately, he found the Chief Engineer a very difficult man to work with and for. They clashed constantly both on and off duty. Christopher tended to be a perfectionist, and Lieutenant Commander Thompson tended to be more of a “do it fast and let 'good enough' be good enough” type of person. To make matters worse, Thompson hated Christopher because of a long standing grudge between their respective Fathers. After 3 years of near constant fighting, Christopher was transferred to a punishment detail at the behest of newly promoted Full Commander Thompson.

Still just a Lieutenant, Christopher found himself the Quartermaster of Starbase 119 in a remote sector of the Beta Quadrant. While this assignment was meant to be a punishment, Christopher was able to put his organizational skills to use with great effect. He designed an entirely new system to track inventory and resupply orders that improved efficiency so significantly that other Quartermasters began to use it, and it went on to be affectionately known as the 'Tennet Method' and became the standard through out the entire Task Force. His service and contributions were rewarded with a promotion and new assignment after only one year.

The newly minted Lieutenant Commander found himself assigned as the Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Eclipse. He would spend the next 2 years shadowing the Chief, in what would ultimately prove to be effectively an apprenticeship. In a move that proved as much a surprise to himself as anyone else, when Chief Engineer Alverez decided to retire, he personally pushed for Christoper to be named his replacement.

Still a Lieutenant Commander, Christopher would go on to serve as Chief Engineer of the Eclipse for the next 2 years. In recognition for his dedicated service, Captain T'Var put Christopher up for consideration for Command College. He was accepted and transferred to Earth to attend the new courses.

He graduated the Starfleet Academy Bridge Officer Certification Class in 2387, finishing the course as the number 5 student in his squadron.

Now promoted to Full Commander, he was chosen by Captain McAnders to serve as Executive Officer of the USS Agamemnon. He would serve in this role for the next 5 years. 

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