Marine CO position wanted for character not Starfleet

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Marine CO position wanted for character not Starfleet

Post by Ilyce » Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:21 am

I'm a writer in various sims starting a very long time ago, I've created pbem's and written in numerous ones. I want to know if anyone would accept a marine co that has come to starfleet under a swap programme. She is qualified for the position but her qualifications have come mainly from outside starfleet. She has gone through Starfleet Marine training and various assignments. Bio included.

Ilyce Payne
Marine Commander


5 foot 5
Bright Pink
Blue eyes

Ilyce stands 5 foot 5 and her most vivid stand out feature is her bright Red mid shoulder length hair. She has no tattoos, no scars, no burn marks, or any other marks on her skin.

Not Married
No children

Mother: Wattawa Payne
Father: Uradux Payne

Ilyce gets a strange look from others given she has bright pink hair. She is a quiet person, one that is trained in various specialties. She takes people as they are.

Strengths - Rescue Retrieval & Recovery both militarily, civilian and corporation. Spent twelve years working in the private industry.
Weakness - Believes she needs more knowledge

Looming, 5d painting. Bladed weapons from all species. Rescue Retrieval & Recovery Specialities. Crossbow Sniping & Explosives used in Rescue Retrieval & Recovery

Ilyce is qualified in the following:
Bomb Disposal
Non Energy Weapons
Defensive Offensive Systems Controller
Rapid Responder
Emergency Responder
Protection Officer
Destruction Rectifier
Sequence Stringer
Defense Offence ship Station Buildings
Search and Rescue
Rescue Retrieval Recovery
Missiles, Torpedoes. Space Launched Weapons
Black Buyer Association
Cryo Centre Damage Control
Slave Handling
Water Survival
Aircraft load master
zip lining
Instructor for all qualifications
Emergency Management
Special warfare combatant
Poisons Toxins & Venoms
Basic Underwater Demolition
Marine Infantry
Ammunition & Explosive Ordnance

Joined Starfleet at 44, under a swap program.

There was dust everywhere, and visibility was down to three feet, which Rescue Retrieval & Recovery, Chief Instructor and Marine Commanding Officer Ilyce Payne found to her liking, listing to the others she knew they didn't. She had transferred from a private corporation to Starfleet under a swap program. While the majority of her qualifications came from her time outside Starfleet, they acknowledged her qualifications as the corporation did the same. Based on what she was qualified she was transferred to the Marines and made a Marine Instructor, however the Marines Command decided she had the ability and experience to be placed in a marine command position.

Sample of writing:

"Sir, the chances of getting the Captain, XO and Doctor out isn't looking well."

She picked up the pink bag, her large crossbow and a magazine of darts. "I want six people you've got two minutes. Make sure they have full face masks, airtanks and a second set of both." Goobarragandra stated, adjusted the full face mask and headed out into the dust. Stepping over the small wall and pacing out sixteen steps she put down the bag. Picking out a single small cartridge, she put it on the ground, next came a yellow bag filled with yellow crystals. Cutting the corner, she poured them out around the cartridge, then came another bag of white crystals and poured them out around the yellow crystals making sure the white crystals allowed enough room for a body to climb the hole.

"Alright, This is how we rescue the three. I blow the cartridge and the crystals, they create a downward tunnel. We go down on a cable, the water will hit us mid way down. Once we reach the bottom, we'll be in their canal, we'll swim until we get to where they're holding the three. I blow the floor and they drop down. You grab one, fit them with airpack and face mask and depending on how bad they are start towing them back the way we came. I'll be last and set a surprise for those that took them. When you get to the downward shaft fit them with a carriage and advise those on the ground to pull them up. Get them up, then you go up. I'll be on your butts."

Clipping the carriage and then stepped into the shaft dropping immediately from site. She followed the rest down, starting down the canal as splashes indicated they were following. It was eleven feet to where they were holding. Goobarragandra stuck round discs on the walls of the canal as she swam, keeping herself well aware where the rest were. Stopping under the holding cell she waited to the others were just behind here. Fitting the round discs right above the three abducted, and activated the charges, watching as the three dropped with the floor rubble.

"Grab one and suit them then start swimming." Goobarragandra stated, closing her eyes and scanning for any contacts before slipping several more larger discs underneath the floor, meaning any weight on the above floor would blow them to fragmented pieces and instantly kill them. Starting back it didn't take long to catch up, treading water as the last one inched up, she spread her legs and arms and began to inch up the shaft.

Climbing out she pulled out the cable link. "Where's the shuttle?"

"Moving into position."

"Tell them its as dusty as hell, and we need immediate evacuation." Goobarragandra announced, as the transporter shimmer surrounding them, as a large explosion erupted shaking the ground.

Finding herself seconds later on the transporter padd with those marines she'd choosen and the three who had been abducted. She didn't bother pointing out this wouldn't happened if they hadn't choosen to opt to purchase to buy spare parts.

"Take us home James."

= Bio can be added to if someone is willing to take her.

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