Everyone Has Troubles

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Everyone Has Troubles

Post by YMinawara » Wed May 17, 2017 12:25 am

It had been almost three hours since the Captain had his discussion with the Director of the facility, and three hours since V’Karix had gotten under his skin. The avian was still on the ship, but they had arranged to return him to his station sooner rather than later, to begin the relief operation; limited as it would be, and lastly to begin the starting of a diplomatic relation between the Republic and the Federation. Of course, it made the Captain’s skin crawl to think of how they considered everything outside of the Ziapteryx race. It wasn’t a caste system, per ce, but it was definitely a clear divide between first and second class citizens. Yoshi had been irked heavily by the matter at hand, pacing around the ship, he was pretty sure he’d wandered the entire ship already. Still it hadn’t settled with him, so here he was in his office, standing and staring out the window.

His desk chimed, and he wandered over and pressed the comms button, activating the ship’s internal communications. “Go.”

The female voice of Moreau poured out. “Captain, I was told to remind you that you should report to Star Fleet, I am sure the Task Force Commander would like to know about the issues we are experiencing.” The comm went dead, and Yoshi resisted the urge to sigh. The Master Chief Petty Officer sure knew when she needed to make a quick appearance, and what to say. Walking around the desk, he sat himself down on in his chair and waved his hand, allowing a display to be projected from the room’s internal holo projectors.

“Computer, subspace communication to Iota Facility, attention to Captain Thompson,” said the Commanding Officer flatly.

In his office at Iota John was busy coordinating the recovery effort of a hirogen ship that the Hephaistos had recovered. Now back at Iota the ship was being made safe before being towed to port so the engineers and data specialists could rip her apart. He was so busy trying to keep intel from storming in ahead of time he nearly missed the incoming call, and seeing the light flashing at the last moment he reached out and activated the comm. “Ah Captain what can I do you for?” John asked not really pausing his other work.

“Hope I’m not bothering you Captain,” said Yoshi, leaning slightly to get himself more comfortable in the chair. “We’ve run into a hiccough here at the Republic facility we were dispatched to, and felt it was more worth a report back to you. Something the others should be aware of if they’re going to have any dealing with the Republic, and especially the Ziapteryx themselves.” Punching a few command into the sleek lines of the desk, he sent off the data regarding what his crew had gathered so far. “They’re not friendly John,” added Yoshi, his tone becoming less formal, but a little darker. “Potential allies in the depths of the Delta Quadrant, sure, but I would not describe them as a good people.”

John had perked up and as his CO was talking to him had muted all his other lines and began to read the data as he listened. “Give me a second here Captain to I have a quick skim through some of this,” he asked as he pulled up the short versions of various aspects of the trip. Quite quickly he was drawn to some cultural information which made him frown. “I see. Ok then. What happened at this facility?”

Straightening his jacket, Yoshi cleared his throat. “We approached the facility and discovered that it was in fact damaged, the orbital portion had received minimal impact, but the ground facility had been ravaged. Our initial contact with the Director of the facility, a Ziapteryx by the name of V’Karix, had gone sour, but they seemed to warm up. We agreed to dock, when we were boarded and held hostage. Turns out these people have encountered a group of individuals also encountered by Voyager, scam artists using Voyager’s name to part individuals from their good under false pretenses.” The Commanding Officer paused to let that sink in. “We managed to come to an agreement that allowed us to be separated from the station, and to try and salvage this relationship. We offered aid for the lower facility, as we had planned to originally,while we drafted a temporary agreement to deploy diplomatic aides.” Minawara fell quiet, thinking his next words over carefully.

“They’re racists, the Ziapteryx are treated as the Master Race, the head of the Republic, which operates like a psuedo-democracy. All the other races are equal, but “less equal” than the Ziapteryx. They’d sooner leave the other races to die than waste resources on them.”

If there was ever a moment he wanted to hit his head off a wall it was this. That blasted Voyager duplicate incident coming back to haunt them again. “What I’m getting then is we essentially have paranoid xenophobes who pretend everything is rosy and equal but isn’t. Great.” He sighed for a moment. “Ok then. How did the aid effort go and what agreement was reached?”

“We’re still pending approval to deploy aid effort to the planet. Right now we’re finalizing the diplomatic draft for allowing Federation Diplomats to enter Republic space and begin negotiations,” replied the Vesta’s CO. “It looks like the temporary agreement is merely that, to allow diplomatic vessels with armed escorts, but they want to keep any of the dedicated warships out of their space. You’ll have to send my apologies to Warrington, looks like they’ll be keeping him and his out for a while. As for the aid effort, we’re sending ground teams in to rescue any survivors and stabilize the radiation. Then we’re getting out of here, and truth be told, I don’t want to come back. Over the next few months they plan to divert their own diplomats to Iota.”

“Seems to me that they’ve deliberately delayed this to, if everything you’ve told me is as bad as you’ve said, to avoid wasting resources on those in the lower sections.” Another sigh. “Complete your assistance and withdraw from Republic Space Captain. You have my permission to stall and take as much time as you need to make sure no one is left behind. I’ll deal with the diplomats when they get here. Oh and as for Warrington he is a little busy hijacking Hirogen ships it seems. Should keep him busy.”

Shock was plain on Minawara’s face. “Did… did you say Hirogen?” The Captain almost laughed, thinking of how odd it was that the Federation’s first sware into the Delta Quadrant since Voyager had returned safely, had resulted in two of the shiny new ships in the area being engaged in such harsh conditions. “Well, when we get a read out of the technology from there, the Xenotechnologist in me would love a chance to creep over those documents.”

Thompson say the look of shock and chuckled himself, “Yea she was ambushed during a medical transport and when the H chased the hirogen to their hidey spot they found another trying to ghost the moon. Needless to say the rest is history but for sure I’ll forward you the documents.” He pulled up his own starmaps and positions of the current ships in his fleet. “Any ideas for where your gonna take your girl next Captain?”

A second display materialized and he scanned over the maps themselves. “According to records, we’re close to the Transtellar Relay, I think we may be heading in that direction, as the race will be on soon. See if we can’t earn some diplomacy from that, and build a few relations with our neighbours.” He pulled all the information from the Relay from when the Federation was last present. “Unless you have any suggestions?”

“The relay seems as good an idea as any. Keep an ear to the ground for intelligence as well on the Republic. It’d be worth hearing what the locals have to say about them,” John instructed wondering if the proximity to the race would mean a regular competition for the Corps of Engineers to get stuck into. “I should add Captain that you need to try and win this race.”

“Fastest ship in the Fleet sir,” replied Minawara, a sly grin creeping onto his face. “I don’t take to being slower than anyone particularly well,” he added with a laugh, some of the stress dropping off in the form of his shoulders releasing a little. “I’ll make sure I give you a trophy to show off in your Office.”

“Oooo I like me some trophies. I’ve got the extra advantage of several hundred years to enjoy them into the bargain,” John jested. “I need to go here Captain. Keep me appraised of the relief efforts and any agreements and good luck.”

“Thank you. Good luck on your end sir.” The channel went dead, as did the primary display. It was promising to be a long day or so, but there was a bit of relief in knowing that he wasn’t the only one to be having problems. Standing the man replicated a cup of coffee, straightened his uniform, took once last look out of the porthole and headed for the Bridge. He had work to do.


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