Two Quick TF56 Updates

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Two Quick TF56 Updates

Post by Chris » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:03 pm

Hello Fleet! I had two quick updates from the TF56 front. First, I have released the first ever IC post for the TFCO. Captain Ovik came out of his cave on DS5 and gave an update. You can read that in the forums here:


Also, I hope to begin honing in on some plot ideas for 56. I'd like to offer up missions that any ship can take to further the overall story, and maybe have folks focused (or coordinated) on missions. There is no need to limit what a sim can do for the most part, but if we can focus on the TF story some of the time, we'll have some fun and tell a good, broader story.

That's it for now. Thanks all!
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