On duty, lock please

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On duty, lock please

Post by Chiyeko » Fri May 16, 2014 8:48 pm

Just a fair warning the below bio is a long read ;)

Outside of a position I also would love to hear some feedback on this one so that will be much appreciated.

Name: Aska Ra’Tar Arion
Species: Human/Romulan
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Hair: White
Eyes: Silver
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 76Kg

Physical description:

Long Snow white hair hangs on the back of this pale skinned woman who just has those faint facial features that show that she isn’t 100% human and where most would assume a part Vulcan background it is in fact her Romulan heritage from her mother. Her eyes carry a silver colour adding hence no colour to an already blank pallet.

Her body is clearly trained though more for endurance than straight up strength, though she carries herself with a certain grace to almost floating momentum. Her voice is a strong soprano that can be as easily made into a silent whisper as a strong commanding tone.


Aska is outgoing on the surface she seems to have little to hide and blends in with ease in social situations, but below the surface rest a person who has been through a lot and knows more than what most people who remain sane. She has learned long ago hence to show a different side to the world outside and her later training within intelligence only aided her in fine tuning the art.

Despite a dark inside she has shown time and time again to stand where it is needed and to do what must be done, even if that meant at times go against law and regulations. In the she sees it as her job to protect others from the harm that she knows all too well already.


+Knows her job and knows what is needed.
+CQC fighter
+Computer specialist
-Strong urge to protect others
-Strong desire to prevent conflict makes her ignore regulations at times.
-Carries a lot of trauma unseen and unheard.


She hopes someday to gain a small command, she doesn’t feel the need to be in charge of a large vessel, but the idea of sailing the stars with a small crew has her interest. Outside of that she will do anything she can to prevent another war for the Federation.


She enjoys to read a lot of history and watch or play in history scenes on the holodeck. She enjoys playing board and card games and is often found in the lounge with a game on the table in front of her welcoming anyone to play a game with her.

At times though she can lock herself into the armoury working on the weapons from basic maintenance to coming up with changes and modifications. This seems to happen more though in stressful times and some call it more an escape than an actual hobby.


Father: Marcus Arion (Deceased)
Mother: Kanerta (Deceased)
Sister: Ilanoi Arion (Deceased)
Brothers: Marcus Jr Arion (Deceased), Lucas Arion (Deceased)
Uncle: Julian Arion (Captain USS Starling Nebula class vessel)


Aska was born on Alpha Centaury as the last of 4 children, her father was an customs official at the space port and her mother was working as a translator on a freelancer basis being a refugee from the Star Empire which she fled after her believes made her a target. Growing up life was pretty basic outside some abuse due to her background and the distrust that came with it, it meant that she was swift to join her older siblings into fights when people insulted their background. Things changed overnight however when an accident at the space port meant the death of her brothers and sister who had joined their father to take a look at his work. Her father survived, but barely. The accident however changed him, he started drinking and in his drunken times abuse started towards Aska and her mother. Aska being just 10 years old at this time could do little more than doge, her mother however tried to get sense back into Marcus and for a time it seemed to work and life returned to a more peaceful state until 1 night when Marcus came back from work late after having been drinking again. Aska now 14 years old and having trained in Desilag’Ord from a master since she was 8 was a bit more capable, though she only came home after her father and saw him just strike what would be the final blow to her mother. When her father turned to Aska however anger had taken over both however Marcus in his drunken range was no match for the nimble Aska who took out her blade and when her father struck out so did she and cut his throat open in a single strike before dropping down next to her mother to try and help her, but all she got where her final words.

The ordeal with the Starfleet police forces was a long one, but in the end investigation cleared Aska from any wrong doing and she was put into foster care of her uncle Julian Arion who felt responsible for the actions of his brother and vowed to do whatever he could do to set it right. So Aska went from a city kid to a space born one onboard the USS Starling the ship of her Uncle. Space born life was different for sure with just a few kids onboard things were different to her and specially because they were all nice to her despite some knowing her background, the strafleet spirit has transferred already to them. Taking classes remotely was different to, but Aska knew that she had to succeed and spend her time best she could. She also had taken a holodeck program with her from the Desilag’Ord master she had been training with to continue her training. The program also caught the attention of some of the security personnel and soon she started training with them and in return they trained her in the safe use of other weapons outside the honour blade she carried as part of her Romulan heritage. Julian all watched it happen and was glad that it seemed that Aska was moving on in her life despite everything that had happened, though her never could shed the feeling at dinner or whenever else he was talking to her that she wasn’t all forthcoming. As the years slow passed with the Sterling spending most of her time in deep space Aska started to help around on the ship working with ops to repair consoles and with security to help maintain the arsenal. In her free time she grew to learn to love the card and board games that many crew members had brought with them to pass the time in the many long dull months of sailing through the stars, Starfleet service wasn’t always as fun and exciting as people would have let you believe.

When she turned 18 she officially joined Starfleet as a crewmen onboard the USS Starling, not that it changed much outside of making some formal oats and being done with school. She continued her mixed duties with operations and security, though she got some more official training from both departments to bring her fully up too to the knowledge which she would officially need. Of course because of her direct line to the captain she tended to know a bit more than most crewmen and even officers onboard, but she had long shown the ability to keep information need to know. As life went on onboard the Starling she started to broaden her knowledge joining Engineering on some tasks and taking a special interest in small craft piloting flying more than 3 dozen missions away from the main ship with just a few others to investigate matters into more detail as the main ship moved on. She enjoyed those missions the most as instead of being on the massive ship you where suddenly just bound to the few people you had with you. Near the end of the trip she had made to petty officer on the recommendation of the senior staff outside of the captain who had made clear that he would not have a single hand in her career as it would do more harm than good.

When they came home however things were different, they had heard the news of course of the looming tension between the Federation and the Klingons and the newly encountered Dominion. With a war already in place unofficially the Sterling was pulled into space dock for battle refits and her crew was send on leave to make sure they would be ready once they came back. Aska went with her uncle to New Zealand where they spend their weeks hiking through the mountains far away from everything. After this though Julian had to return to his ship to discuss the war which was now happening and all Starfleet personnel were recalled from leave and asked to be ready on a moment’s notice. 2 Weeks later she was back onboard the Sterling now outfitted with a weapons pod and other weapon systems upgrades. There was little time for the crew to fully settle in again this time without families and non essential crew as the Sterling was not headed for deep space, but to war and the mood was certainly different. What was to follow where 2 years from hell a tale however that many didn’t get to tell as in war life suddenly seemed to become a number as they fell by the dozen in space combat or when they would reinforce a ground side assault. Aska was there on the front lines whenever she was able and not injured badly enough, though he didn’t speak of it, it was of grave concern to Julian, but he knew that she was forging her own path in life and that with what happened to her years ago was still part of her and though it was likely for the bad reasons that she was down there, it where her reasons and her choices. Though the tales are rarely told the medical record from Aska list dozens of injuries in the 2 year war period.

When the war was finally over the Sterling went home to the Jupiter yards for extensive repairs and refits, the war had left the once beautiful ship scarred and battered with force fields covering hull breaches made months ago and in other place rough panels covering other former hull breaches. She was not a pretty sight on the outside and the inside wasn’t much different being boarded on 3 different occasions the fighting inside had been heavy and fierce. The crew itself was worn and done for and more than 30% would resign from duty most keeping permanent scars from the wars and would need counselling the rest of their lives. Aska to her gained many scars which were added on top of the ones she already had, but she kept them down below. She did however take her leave from the Sterling after serving onboard her for 10 years of which 6 years officially. She had been asked to attend a short version of the academy as she had the right skill set for the job and Starfleet was in dire need of experienced officers. So she spend 2 years on Earth together with many others who had been through thick and thin already. They stood out from the normal fresh cadets who had just joined up and their moods where clearly differently and rarely did the 2 groups mix. When their training was done they where swiftly assigned across Starfleet.

Aska however wasn’t heading to far off places or long journeys as instead she was assigned to intelligence a branch for which she had done a fair bit of work during the war. Being a quick learner and expert on computing systems she had often been tasked to secure dominion computers and crack their data cores to supply intelligence with information. Nothing to secretive about it, but she never talked about it, she simply did her job as it was asked from her. The jobs that would come now though where to be in the classified sector. Aska would spend 10 years doing underground missions mainly targeting criminal groups or entities where infiltration was key or making silent raids into their facilities for single time data grasps. The mission where always tense specially when she was alone on an assignment she knew that backup was often not present, when they went in with a team she felt more secure knowing that the people with whom she was working depended on each other and her as much as she did on them. It was harsh work with much betrayal and at times heartbreaking scenes she had to endure in order to complete her mission. It is hence no secret that no one does them forever and with 10 years she had lasted longer than the average already when she finally checked out. After some months on leave she went back to a intelligence base where she would crack small devices captured by agents in the field, it was a relaxing job, but 1.5 years down the line she felt the need to step away from it.

While she would always keep a line to intelligence not only due her experience, but also due her heritage she was soon assigned as a Chief security and tactical officer onboard the USS Invincible an Akira class cruiser which spend most of its time patrolling the Cardassian boarder or take spurts into the Gamma quadrant in order to keep an eye on things there. The work was different again and Aska enjoyed it to be part of normal life and being able to talk to a wide variety of people again though the ships counsellor did get on her nerves for trying to dig through her outer layers without success. As time went on and the missions into the Gamma quadrant increased intelligence came knocking again for regular reports and with the captain informed Aska started to run double duties in order to make regular updates on the gamma quadrant situation with her experience and clearance levels ranking above the captain’s in the situation. It was not exactly the job she enjoyed the most, but she what had to be done and she did it for that reason alone. However not a day in the gamma quadrant went by without her thinking about a position second dominion war and that very thought scared her as she knew what it would lead to all too well and she knew the Federation wasn’t ready.

When the move into the Gamma quadrant became official however she was soon made ready for a transfer permanently to the new addition to the territory of the Federation as they teased an enemy that was still dangerous.

Medical record:

2370 - second degree burns on left hand, cause electrical current.
2371 - Broken upper right arm, cause martial arts practise.
2373 - Multiple accounts of combat wounds, mainly weapons fire, bladed weapons cuts.
2374 - Multiple accounts of combat wounds, mainly weapons fire, bladed weapons cuts.
2375 - Multiple accounts of combat wounds, mainly weapons fire, bladed weapons cuts.
2379 - Critical condition after extraction from unknown location, several poisons found within the body hearth restarted after 45 seconds.
2384 - Severe number of broken bones and cuts, cause unknown assumed torture some wounds where several weeks old at the start of treatment.
2391 – Cracked skull after breaking up a bar fight between 2 Klingons, kept in coma for 2 days to ensure proper healing.

Psychological record:

2369 – Crewman is approved for active duty, has proven to be reliable in the past years. On the captains request a watch is kept due likely mental scarring from past family events including the killing in self defence of her father at the age of 14.
2370 – Crewman continues to shine in her work and the past events don’t seem to have a strong direct effect on her wellbeing or her duties.
2371 – Crewman continues to service well and gets more involved with the crew to, found more often in social areas a sign of good mental health.
2372 – Promotion to petty officer hasn’t changed much as she remains a stable and solid addition to the crew.
2373 – War is an ugly thing, she seems to be preoccupied with the situation, though her duties are not in danger her mental well being is affected though not shown.
2374 – no report on file
2375 – The war is over, where most seem to be on the breaking point this petty officer seems stable to a degree that concerns me, however time is short and only now I see her full file and I warn others to keep an eye out.
2376 – Academy life is clearly not for this person, but overall it seems to be a good distraction from the war, but I fear she is not dealing with it.
2377 – Nearly ready to graduate I have to disagree with my colleague who made the last year report, she seems to have taken things well and being around people who all been there has allowed her to talk and clear things. I also have been asked to see if she is clear for intelligence duties and in my opinion she is despite her background she is showing all signs of loyalty and the ability to handle very difficult situations.
2378 – Officer is performing according to requirements.
2379 – Officer seems to have dealt to expectations with the recent situation, we assume it will not affect her performance or mental health in the future or currently to a degree that would be of concern.
2380 – Officer is performing according to requirements.
2381 – Officer is performing according to requirements.
2382 – Officer is performing according to requirements.
2383 – Officer is performing according to requirements.
2384 – Recent ordeal has left some marks, but the officer doesn’t seem to be affected by it, but I fear it might have some lasting effects which at this time cannot be judged, however for current duties I for see no problems after a few more counselling sessions.
2385 – Officer is performing according to requirements.
2386 – Officer is performing according to requirements.
2387 – Officer has spoken a desire to leave the current line of duties which concerning the length of her current duty term is of no surprise. I will let my recommendation pass to her commanding officer by the officer’s own request.
2388 – Taking time off has been good in some ways, but I feel as if she might have had too much time to think about matters and recommend no field duties for now.
2389 – Officer seems to be solid and performing well, though it is clear the current line of work is not suiting her to well and she is losing interest, recommend transfer.
2390 – Officer seems to have a lot buried away, but despite my efforts I am not able to get through.
2391 – Officer still is not willing to come forwards, but her duties are not affected by what is there and reading up on her history I can partly understand, still I am keeping a watch.
2392 – Officer is still not talking much, but seeing her perform even in difficult sitiations has me in good faith that she will not be affected by her past, but I still think she is not happy in life.
2393 – Officer is in transfer progress and for the time being back at intelligence for updates and evaluation. Officer is found by me fit for the continuation of her duties and I for see no problems in the current or in the future for her duties to Intelligence or Starfleet as a whole.

Service record:

2365-2369: Onboard the USS Sterling serving on volunteer basis.
2369-2373: USS Sterling, Crewman-Petty Officer, Security, Operations and flight control.
2373-2375: USS Sterling, Petty Officer, Security, Flight Operations, Intelligence, Ground war time actions.
2375-2377: Starfleet Academy swift course for the officer replacement programme.
2377-2387: Starfleet Intelligence, mission details classified.
2387-2389: Starfleet Intelligence, HQ assignment.
2389-2393: USS Invincible, Chief security/tactical officer, on lease to intelligence.
2393-current: .....
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Re: Aska Ra’Tar Arion

Post by Jilrak » Sun May 18, 2014 3:59 pm

I'm already the CSO for the Hephaistos, but we could use a CIO.
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Re: Aska Ra’Tar Arion

Post by Mora Ward » Tue May 20, 2014 9:26 pm

Message me if you are interested, Chiyeko. Your bio can definitely replace my NPC CIO if you would like. Also, the Hephaistos is quite large, so in reality, Security, Intel, and Marines will all take part in ship's security both inside and outside.


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Re: Aska Ra’Tar Arion - On duty

Post by JasmineSomers » Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:03 am

If you would be interested in PBF simming I have an opening for CoS or 2IC Intelligence the USS Tomcat is a slow sim, due to its members having real lives which can be quite busy, I make allowences for this.

The CoS post holds the rank of Full Lieutenant, the Deputy CIO holds the rank of Lt. Jg. The choice is yours.

If you wish to check the Forums out please click here: http://z10.invisionfree.com/USSTomcatrpg/index.php

Our infomation Website is here: http://usstomcatncc62114.webs.com/

When you do settle onto a sim please put a post in this topic saying you have found a home for your character so the admins can close the topic!


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Re: Aska Ra’Tar Arion - On duty

Post by Chiyeko » Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:32 pm

She was listed as on duty assumed that was clear enough :)

Anyhow fear not currently laying the final hand on a new character.


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