Seeking a Nova based game for a Security character.

Have a character you've been working on, but don't know where to put them? Post here, and watch the offers come flying in!
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Seeking a Nova based game for a Security character.

Post by Kevin, Lord Kilbane » Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:39 am


I have an old Security character that I'd like to use in an established, Nova based, email game if anyone has an opening. I'm not particularly fussed regarding the age rating of the game as I've written in most over the years, so I can quite happily adapt my writing style to suit your game.

I have 20 years writing experience, and as much as I'd hope to have this character start out as an Chief/Assistant Chief of Security I have absolutely no problem with starting my character on the bottom rung as simply a Security Officer.

Please find the character bio below:

Name: Charlie Hamilton

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 184lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Distinguishing marks: None

P.O.B.: Arneston, European Quadrant, Earth.

Position: Chief/Assistant Chief of Security or Security Officer

Rank: To be confirmed by CO/GM

Starfleet Academy:

Year 1: Studied as Security Cadet and seconded in Communications.

Also did triage course work and weapons training (basic).

Second year: Advanced Security measures and Communications study, advanced weapons training and basic medical background studies.

Year three: Completed Advanced Security measures studies (with one year to spare) so set himself the target of getting pilots license (shuttle only). Secondary medical study and further advanced weapons training (Federation Security level 2)

Year four: Completed shuttle pilots license and also secondary medical studies (minimal pass). Further advanced weapons course and
Communications degree both passed.

Graduated from Starfleet Academy and brought into service.

Starfleet Assignments:

Security Ensign onboard Uss Frannery,

Advanced to Security team leader (Uss Frannery)

Promoted to Assistant Chief of Security (Uss Frannery)

Special Abilities: You need it, he can get it. One of the last of the

old fashioned 'scroungers'. This is only in the needy sense of the

good of the ship.


Parents: David and Monica Hamilton (both deceased) served onboard the Uss

Delamart which was attacked and destroyed by a breakaway Romulan


Siblings: Brother Brian (27) Lt onboard Uss Farri (Operations)

Married: No

Children: None

Personal history: Brought up to respect his parents and those adults

around him, gave Charlie the perfect start in life for disciplining


Schooling was not easy for Charlie, but he made the best of what he

had. Over time he has acquired skills on just about anything you can

turn you're hand to. His way with people is very simple...they're

nice and courteous to him, he is nice and courteous back. They're nasty

to him...he nice and courteous back.

He refuses to be rankled by anyone who thinks they are his better. He

let's them go on till they make a mistake, then steps in to help them

out. Makes friends with ease, and is never frightened to go to any of

his friends with his problems and to ask their advice. In his time

with Starfleet, from his first class to his current assignment, one

philosophy has always stuck with Charlie. "If something's worth doing,

it's worth doing right..." He will always, always try to do it right,

no matter what.


Bronze Star and Cluster for gallantry. Saved the shuttle (from Uss

Frannery) he was on from crashing by shorting out the primary

guidance circuits and crossing them with lateral flight controls. Power was cut

but the shuttle was easily glided down to make a 'soft crash

landing', saving the lives of the six crew onboard.

Silver Star and Cluster. Was Security team leader on the away team

on Ceti Turni III who rescued the Juris Lett (President or

equivalent) from a prison camp. The Federation/Ceti Turni III

negotiations had been interrupted when the Juris Lett has been

kidnapped and held to ransom to stop the negotiations from taking

place. Charlie and his team were one of three specialized teams sent

into try to rescue him.
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Re: Seeking a Nova based game for a Security character.

Post by Tyler » Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:06 pm

take a look at the USS Apollo :) you can gladly start out as Chief.

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Re: Seeking a Nova based game for a Security character.

Post by Williams » Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:10 pm

Hey Kevin

I don't know how established you want the sim to be that you join, but it looks like we've currently got a fair few ships in need of crew at the minute that are looking for a security chief;

Gaia Colony, the USS Apollo, USS Bosworth, USS Douglas and USS Poseidon are all in need of a security chief, and the USS Harbinger looks to be in need of a tactical chief (I'm guessing that the security role has been moved out to the marines on that ship, though the CO will have to confirm that). The USS Makalu looks like they may be in need of an assistant chief position.

That's just taking a quick look through some of the sims with lower crew numbers at present - I'm sure there are plenty of other COs in need of security people of one of those doesn't strike your fancy.

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Re: Seeking a Nova based game for a Security character.

Post by Treymiar » Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:12 pm

Williams wrote:...and the USS Harbinger looks to be in need of a tactical chief (I'm guessing that the security role has been moved out to the marines on that ship, though the CO will have to confirm that).
Our admiral has sharp eyes! That is spot on. Marines handle traditional security while the Tac Chief is now more strategic (count assimilation, cyberwarfare, figher control, etc.)

I ask that prospective players read mission posts to ensure that Harby is a fit environment for them.
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