USS Vanguard May 2014

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USS Vanguard May 2014

Post by Jilrak » Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:01 am

I am very proud of all the work that the crew of the USS Vanguard has done this month:

Captain's Merit - This award goes to Commander Ward who has been active posting and has done some great graphic work, including the Vanguard's dedication plaque.

Posting Master - This goes to Lieutenant Severide with work in 12 post.

I have submitted the post: Late Night Coaxing, by Commander Ward and Lieutenant Severide for the fleet's post of the month.

Well done all!

Rear Admiral Gra'sh Jilrak
Commanding Officer
Chief of Fleet Operations
Lieutenant Commander Robert Haines, CIO
USS Viper

Marine Captain Tom Andrews, CO
The Renegades

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