Changes to Pegasus Fleet Award Structure

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Changes to Pegasus Fleet Award Structure

Post by Mike » Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:22 pm

1. Change to Sim of the Month Award colours

SotM colours are being changed to Gold, Silver and Bronze instead of Diamond, Ruby and Emerald. This will take effect from this month.

2. New Sim & Fleet Awards

These are the new standard Pegasus Fleet awards to be implemented on PF sims. Keep an eye out for award images coming soon.

Monthly Sim Awards

• Captain's Merit
• XO Merit
• Character Development Award
• Crew's Choice Award
• Friendship Award
• Funny "Bones" Award - comedy player
• Newcomer Award
• NPC Development Award
• Post Master (most posts in a month)
• Recruitment Award
• Sim Player of the Year
• Treknobabble Citation
• Service Award (3 Months)
• Service Award (6 Months)
• Service Award (9 Months)
• Service Award (1 Year)
• Service Award (2 Years)
• Service Award (3 Years) ... and so on

Monthly Fleet Awards

• Dedication Award - notable contribution, can be put forward by any administrative staff members (deputies and PFA)
• Gold Sim of the Month
• Silver Sim of the Month
• Bronze Sim of the Month
• Post of the Month

Annual Fleet Awards

• CO of the Year
• XO of the Year
• Leonard Nimoy Sim of the Year
• Post of the Year (voted on from PotM winners)

3. Introduce Achievements

These are an optional addition to sim awards (you decide whether to implement them on your sim or not). Instead of having a lot of the erroneous awards which never get awarded, many of them are rolled into achievements. These are awarded as and when they're achieved by players (things like the Purple Heart etc). You can see a list of them on the Highlander website. We're working on these just now and will get you more info soon.

4. Change Format of Fleet Annual Awards
4.1. CO & XO of the Year

These are now based on nominations taken from members of the fleet (you can nominate yourself if you so desire). These nominations will take the form of a short description of what the CO/XO has achieved over the year. These would then be voted on by all members of Pegasus Fleet, using the nominations as evidence. You will be asked for these toward the end of the year.

4.2. Post of the Year

This follows the same voting principle as CO/XO of the Year but the nominees would be the winner of the Post of the Month awards over the course of the year.

4.3. Leonard Nimoy Sim of the Year

Sim of the Year will now be calculated using a really simple points system.

• Gold Sim of the Month: Earns you 3 points
• Silver Sim of the Month: Earns you 2 points
• Bronze Sim of the Month: Earns you 1 point
• Winning fleet Post of the Month: Earns you 1 point

All annual awards will run from December to December and be awarded before Christmas.

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