USS Shepherd

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USS Shepherd

Post by Aaron » Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:04 pm

The Shepherd just wrapped up 2016 with the completion of its first Mission. The Shepherd has just passed its 4 month mark as an active Sim.

In its first Mission titled Conair the crew transported a Tholian commander who was responsible for attacking Federation colonies along the Tholian border. The crew took him from Cait, the ancestral home of Commander D'arf, to Cestus III to stand trial for his crimes. During transport the Shepherd was attacked by two Tholian crusiers. Commander D'arf was beamed from the bridge and taken captive. A daring rescue was performed by Major Shraq and his marines. Once secure back on the Shepherd, the Tholian force didn't stand a chance against the might of the angry Shepherd. While both crusiers where destroyed a direct hit to the bridge has left Commander D'arf wheelchair bound with no feeling below the waist.

After the Tholian was delivered. The Shepherd set course to DS 5 as they complete their transfer to TF 56. Commander D'arf will be seeking medical attention and rehab on DS 5 and newly promoted Commander Richard Wayne will be transferring from the USS Icarus to take command of the Shepherd.
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