Monthly Update - March 2017

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Monthly Update - March 2017

Post by Alex » Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:22 am

Hi everyone!

I have a pretty short update for all of you this month. Many of you may have seen that I was out on more business travel last week, which is why the monthly meeting was pushed back to this weekend. But I'm back and hopefully get to stay home for a while so I can spend more time with the Fleet.

We don't have any new commanding officers this month, but I do want to welcome a handful of new members to Pegasus Fleet. Although there are no new COs, we do have a new sim, the USS August, commanded by our Task Force 56 CO, Captain Ovik. You may have noticed a couple of other changes. The USS London will be transitioning to the USS Carpathia, and Oberon Base is now the USS Paladin.

We also have a new face joining the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty this month. I'm pleased to announce our new Chief of Public Relations, Rear Admiral Jesse James! Admiral James may be better known as Aaron Parry, and as Commander Richard Wayne of the USS Shepherd. In the short time since he has joined the PFA, Aaron has been hard at work getting settled into his new role, including working on our Fleet Facebook page. He's quite active in chat, so be sure to wish him congratulations next time you see him. Aaron's going to make a great addition to the team. Welcome, Admiral.

The only other item that I wanted to mention this month is that our webmaster Matt, aka Williams, has been working on some refinements to our main page and to IFS. The biggest upgrade that most of you will see is the introduction of a Bootstrap framework to the site. This will allow it to adjust its appearance and layout responsively to the screen size that it is viewed on. For those of you that have tried to navigate the main site on a mobile device or tablet probably understand why this is a big deal. The old framework did not allow for resizing, and viewing the site was difficult at best. There have been a few other changes made on the back end of the site that should be invisible to most users. That being said, we may still be working out the bugs, so if you see anything that doesn't seem to work right, be sure to either email Williams at or mention it in the #help channel on Discord. Be sure to mention @Williams to make sure that he sees it.

This month's meeting will be on Sunday, March 19. As usually it will be in the #meeting channel of the Pegasus Fleet Discord server. Please take note of the time zone differences as we start getting into Daylight Saving Time. The meeting will start at 3:00 pm EDT, which is at 7:00 pm UTC. The meeting is open to all current and prospective members of Pegasus Fleet, so please invite anyone that may be interested in joining us. Next month's meeting will be getting back to our normal schedule, and will be held on Sunday, April 9.

As always, Live Long and Prosper

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