Monthly Update - April 2017

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Monthly Update - April 2017

Postby Alex » Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:12 am

Hi everyone!

March ended up being a bit of a quiet month from the PFA, but with the late meeting last month and the early one this month, it was a bit short. Posting numbers were down over some of our sims, though many are still going strong. For those sims that have seen a dip in numbers over the last few months, you can expect some messages from your TFCO on ways to help get things moving again. Commanding Officers, don't forget that you can come to us at any time if you have any questions about something on your sim.

I only have a couple of PFA related announcements for this month. First, Admiral James has been spending the past month getting more used to his role and working on building our Facebook page. If you haven't already joined, you can find our page here. He's also working on a proposal by Captain Eliijah Michaels, the CO of the USS Victory. Many of you know him as Joshua on Discord. Together they are working on a new Pegasus Fleet News Service, or PFNS, which will be an In Character news service documenting the events of our sims, and conducting in character interviews with various members of the Fleet and Task Forces. This will be a great way for us to showcase our characters, our sims, and our stories from the perspective of the characters. Right now this is still in the planning stages, but I would like to thank Joshua for bringing the idea to the PFA. It's something that Admiral James and the rest of the PFA are really excited about implementing. If anyone in the Fleet have any ideas like this one that we can do to make Pegasus Fleet an even better community, don't hesitate to let us know. We love getting new ideas from our players. It's the best way for us to grow as a community.

The other administrative news is that there has been a bit of a shuffling inside the PFA. Admiral Wells, our Chief of Fleet Operations, has been working on some real life business ventures, and that's been taking more of his time. Because of this, we have decided that Admiral Wells will take over as the Academy Commandant, effective immediately. Since the start of our Academy course redesign, Admiral Wells has been an important part of teaching the new courses, acting as one of the instructors and working closely with Admiral Stannes. With the new courses in place, and the student load low at the moment, we felt that it was a good choice. Meanwhile, Admiral Stannes will be transitioning over to Chief of Fleet Operations. Her experience working on the command courses and working closely with new COs means that she has a strong understanding how to assist the COs. Additionally, she has been serving as the TFCO of Division 74 since we introduced the new task forces. I think both of them will do great in their new roles.

This month's meeting will be held in the #meeting channel of the Fleet Discord server on Sunday, April 9. The meeting will start at 3:00 pm EDT, or 7:00 pm UTC, according to the clock on the Pegasus Fleet home page. Note that with the start of Daylight Saving Time on different dates around the world, that time might not be correct. As always, the meeting is open to all current and prospective members of Pegasus Fleet. The next meeting will tentatively held on Sunday, May 7. Note that this is the first Sunday of the month. The second Sunday of May is Mother's Day in the US. We will discuss the May meeting in more detail this Sunday.

As always, Live Long and Prosper,

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"The Request" by Lieutenant JG Kathryn Dallas M.D., Ph.D. & Major Goestayva Johnson (USS Antares)


"Voices of a Distant Star" by Lieutenant JG Jai & Lieutenant Eiri Ashshy (USS Vesta)

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