One new and one... wrinkly new CO's

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One new and one... wrinkly new CO's

Postby Thompson » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:05 pm

Folks I'd like you to give a warm welcome firstly to the crew of the USS Dreadnought. Under the command of our new Chief of Public Relations, (Previously TF11/56 CO) Captain William Hood brings with him a 12 year old Sim to the fleet. No strange to Pegasus having served on 332 for a long time the Dreadnought promises to put you into the thick of it. No really. He likes to blow stuff up... like a lot.

Secondly a big welcome to Lieutenant Commander Andreas O’Shaunessy who has just completed the Command Academy and taken command of the USS Alabama. A good writer who I've been lucky to have on my own ship for a while means I am confident we are going to see some great stories from the Alabama.

Please make them and their crews welcome.

Fly Safe o7

Rear Admiral John Thompson
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Chief of Fleet Operations
Chief of Fleet Operations
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