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Chief of Fleet Operations
Chief of Fleet Operations
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New Sim

Post by CorvusZephyr » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:49 pm


I would like to announce a new sim being added to our ranks! The USS Ulysses has joined Task Force 11 under the command of Cmdr Tharia sh'Elas. Please welcome the Commanding Officer and his crew as they join us and our mission! Good luck to all!

“Fresh from her successful, albeit boring, shakedown cruise, the USS Ulysses will join up with Starfleet's in the Northern Expanse to investigate a series of raids by the Rihannsu Resistance faction. Their tale takes a dark twist when the crew receive word that the Resistance have hijacked a Federation Freighter, the S.S. Tezra, and are threatening to kill hostages…”

RAdm W. Kelly
Rear Admiral William Kelly, CFOps
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