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New Chief of Fleet Operations

Post by Alex » Sat Jun 06, 2020 2:48 am

Hello everyone!

I have a couple of special announcements. As you probably saw mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Rear Admiral Kelly had announced that he was stepping down from the position of Chief of Fleet Operations due to some new RL projects and opportunities. I’d like to take another moment to thank @Zerin for his time on the PFA and everything he has done for the Fleet. We wish you the best on your future endeavors, and we hope to still see you around in chat.

With Admiral Kelly’s departure, we were left with an opening at Chief of Fleet Operations. After reviewing applications from several strong candidates, we ultimately decided that the best person for the job was already a member of the PFA. It’s someone who has spent many tireless nights working closely with the commanding officers and other members of our community, helping them with website problems and just lending a friendly ear. It’s someone who has shown a strong passion for supporting our COs and making sure they have the tools they need to succeed at their disposal. And it’s someone who has just been a fixture in our chat room and community since joining a year ago.

Please join me in congratulating @Amethyst, aka Rear Admiral Niamh Devane, on her new position as Chief of Fleet Operations!

With her new position, Admiral Devane will be vacating her previous role as Academy Commandant. This means that although the position of CFOps has been filled, there is another opportunity to join the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, this time as our new Academy Commandant.

As the Academy Commandant you will oversee Pegasus Fleet’s commanding officer courses as well as our simming cadet course. You will also manage workloads for our instructors and lead the continuous improvement of our courses and training materials. As Academy Commandant, you will be the first person tasked with training new COs and preparing them for their new roles as sim leaders. CO experience is preferred, but strong communication skills and a strong interest in teaching the future sim leaders is a must.

The Academy Standing Orders can be found here.

As a member of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, you will be considered a leader and ambassador for the Fleet. Often you may be faced with topics and discussions that may not be public, so confidentiality is important. Admiralty members are expected to be engaged in a variety of topics related to the operation of the Fleet, provide feedback on proposals, and cast votes as needed.

Anyone who is interested in the position of Academy Commandant may submit an application using the link below.

Academy Commandant Application

Applications will be accepted through Friday, June 12, at which point the PFA will begin to review them. So be sure to get your applications in before then. Best of luck to all the applicants.

I’d like to thank Amethyst for her time as Academy Commandant, and congratulate her again for her position as Chief of Fleet Operations!

As always, Live Long and Prosper
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11th 'Pegasus' Fleet

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