Task Force 56 Monthly Update: September 2021

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Task Force 56 Monthly Update: September 2021

Post by Nate » Sun Oct 17, 2021 9:26 pm

Hey All You Cool Targs and Tribbles!

Nate here with some good hair!

While the CO’s in Task Force 56 settle into the realization that they won’t be rid of me, they and their crews have been hard at work churning out some amazing stories.

-USS Cardinal has completed their analysis of the spatial anomaly near the 329 Aurigae star system and has been dispatched to Carina VII to investigate the cause of the rapid aging of people, structures, and plants on the planet.

-Upon arriving at Starbase 614 the USS Chimera ,the crew is briefed on their first mission. An Ambassador has been requested by the Corporations of the world of Dexic to assist them in negotiating a world government in order for the world to apply to join the Federation rather than be merely a Protectorate.

-Deep Space K-17 is a decrepit K class station on the Tzenkethi border. Once a thriving trade outpost, then a short-lived second life as an intelligence listening post, she has since become the butt of every joke in Starfleet and the dead end to any Starflleet malcontents and non-starters.

-USS Dreadnought *TOP SECRET* Lots of stuff is happening, but you don’t want to jinx a good thing by talking about it too soon.

-The USS Hornet has been tasked to oversee the Federation's evacuation efforts in the disputed region between Klingon and Gorn space.Starfleet is not to intervene in the issues arising in the area, only evacuate Federation citizens from the combat zone. But an incident with the evacuation leaves accusations flying and the fate of the Federation's neutrality in the hands of the crew of the USS Hornet.

-The USS Omaha arrives at the uninhabited planet designated Optera IV to investigate strange tetryon readings. They find a planet full of incipient subspace rifts, giant alien bugs, and technology of unknown origin. The crew investigates how it all fits together.

-The USS Vigilant is out on her first patrol. Having responded to a call for aid from a nearby science station, only to find the remnants of a drug trafficking operation, the Vigilant reverses course to deliver the evidence. En route, the ship is once again diverted, and comes across a ship collision she’ll have to render aid to.

A big big congratulations to Captain Faulkner and the writers of the USS Omaha for snatching TF56 Sim of the Month and also to Captain Koralova and the crew of USS Hornet for taking TF56 Post of the Month.

Congratulations to the Task force 56 winners this month! I’m looking forward to working with all of you going forward.
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